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Wokha Travel Guide

Wild, rustic, and ecstatic, Wokha in the mid part in Nagaland is home ground to the largest tribes in Nagaland - The Lothas. It was in 1876, the place got its place on Nagaland Tourism map when it pinpointed by the British. A district of river and hills like Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff, evidently it remains thronged with trekkers from different corners of the world. For the rest, the place is a sight to behold for its carpet of colorful flowers, and orchards. Attractions one must explore over a holiday in Wokha are Liphanyan Governor’s camp, Vankhosung, Doyang Hydro Project, and Water Pool

An Insight into Wokha Tourism

A district headquarters, and a town in the mid-western part of Nagaland, Wokha is rich in everything - be its minerals, flora and fauna, soil fertility or tourists attractions, and that's perhaps the reason why it was declared as 'the land of plenty' by the state government of Nagaland. Wokha is contiguous with Assam in the West and North, Kohima and Dimapur in the South, Zunheboto in the East and Mokokchung in the Northeast. A must visit over a holiday in Nagaland, Wokha is mainly filled with beautiful mountain ranges and rivers and is known for their vibrant dances and folk songs. Besides, it takes pride in being home to Lothas, a major tribe in Nagas. The history behind this beautiful tourists attractions is that it remained under the British rule in 1876. Later in 1878, the headquarters were was shifted to Kohima, leaving Wokha as a subdivision. In 1889, again sub-vision was changed to Mokokchung. Post independence in 1957, Wokha became a subdivision under Naga Hills Tuensang Area and remained so till she became a district in 1973.

Like its geographic location and history, Wokha has unique tourism places as well. One of the top reasons why one should visit Wokha would be to explore Mount Tiyi, (Supposedly the home of departed souls) and Totsu Cliff. Legend has it that Mount Tiyi has an orchard, which is a lucky charm. Most Nagas believe that this mountain is the abode of departed souls. Rhododendrons are common on Mount Tiyi. Apart from these two, the tourist's village above Rephaim is a major attraction in Wokha district, the view of the dam on Donyan River from the village is beautiful. Not to forget is that Wokha is the land of Lotha tribe; so make a point to interact with them and see their traditional art and craft as they are very welcoming. There are some other amazing attractions to visit like Mount Tiyi, Liphanyan Governor’s Camp, Water Pool, Totsu Cliff, Tehurang Valley, Baghty Valley and Vankhosung town. Since its a hill station, one can visit here throughout the year except for monsoon but the post-harvest festival called Tokhu Emong Festival can be a good time to visit.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Wokha

From taking your endurance level to altogether a different level by trekking to challenging paths to take part in cultural extravaganza, and exploring offbeat places that will itch in your memory forever, there's a lot that can discover or enjoy over a holiday in Wokha.

Best Hotels to Stay in and Around Wokha

For a comfortable, and relaxing stay in Wokha, one can find the budget, and three-star hotels, and circuit houses. They are small in size but offers the top notch services that one can expect from a five-star hotel. If not Wokha, then do look out for neighboring towns like Kohima, and Dimapur for accommodation options.

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