Mim Kut Festival Tour Package
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  • START CITY Dimapur
  • END CITY Dimapur

Mimkut Festival Tour

Nagaland’s yet another celebrated festival Mimkut is definitely a must see. Celebrated by Kuki Tribe, this unique festival reflects the efforts of the tribals to please their God, Thilha. Mimkut is marked by sacrifices of unblemished white fowls; teamwork to clean the village, fields, water sources and adjoining hamlets; to fetch firewood for campfire and preparation of traditional food and JU (rice beer) for the community feast. It indeed makes a great festival to be witnessed in Nagaland. This is why, Tour My India has designed a Mimkut Festival Tour that not only allows one to witness this exciting and unusual festival but also give the opportunity to explore the known and unknown realms of the mysterious Nagaland. Our 9N/10D tour package include visit to Craft Village; the city of Kachari Ruins, Dimapur; the salt making village of Pelekie; and the beautiful Benreu Village. Also, with this tour one has the opportunity to meet and interact with various tribes of Nagaland, enjoy camping in Dzuleke, a short trekking expedition near Khonoma Village and sighting of the state animal Mithun. Truly, this tour is action packed keeping one continuously on the toes and feeling adventurous all the time.


  • Kolkata- Dimapur

    On arrival at Dimapur Airport, our representative will greet you and assist you in check in at a hotel. Later we will drive you to Diezephe Village which is also known as Craft Village. Overnight stay in Dimapur.

  • Dimapur- Athibung (125km. approx. 5hrs)

    Post breakfast today, we will drive to Athibung Village, en route, we shall also visit Kachari Ruins and the local market. Overnight stay in Athibung Guest House.

  • Athibung

    Today, we shall attend the Mimkut Festival, where we witness dances, songs, games and relish community feast. Overnight stay in Athibung Paying Guest House.

  • Athibung- Benreu Village (110km. approx. 4hrs)

    In the morning today, we shall drive to Benreu Village, en route we will visit Pelekie Village, which is famed for salt making. Further, we shall drive to Benreu Village for an overnight stay.

  • Benreu- Dzuleke Village (20km)

    Today, in the morning, we shall explore Benreu Village where we will witness Rehangki or Morungs and traditional houses that still are decorated with animal skulls. We shall also visit Dzuleke Village, where we will enjoy a short picnic. Overnight at tented accommodation in Dzuleke.

  • Dzuleke- Khonoma (24km)

    In the morning today, we shall go for a short trekking expedition towards the jungle. Later we will visit Khonoma Village, which is the first green village of the country. En route, we will spot Mithun, the state animal that likes to leisurely graze. After the sighting, we will relish a picnic lunch and then proceed to Khonoma Village. Overnight stay in Khonoma

  • Khonoma

    In the morning today, we will explore the village and shall learn a thing or two about the history, culture and tradition of the place.We shall witness ceremonial gates, morungs, age group houses. We will also meet the local craftsmen. In the afternoon, we will enjoy a picnic lunch. Post lunch, we will witness how the locals practise jhum cultivation or shifting cultivation along with Alder trees. In the evening we will get a chance to relish indigenous games that are played by local youth followed by bonfire where the local brew will be served. Overnight in a homestay in Khonoma.

  • Khonoma- Kohima (20km/1 hrs)

    We shall drive to Kohima today. On arrival, check in at the hotel and later visit to the local market and souvenir shops. Post lunch, we shall visit museum and Kohima Village. Overnight stay in Kohima City.

  • Kohima

    Post breakfast, we shall explore close by villages like Jakhama, Kigwema, and Kisama. After lunch, we will visit the Second World War Cemetery. Overnight stay in Kohima.

  • Kohima-Dimapur (68 km/. 2 ½ hrs)

    We will drive to Dimapur to catch a flight.

    Tour and Services ends

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