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Top Things to Do in Nagaland

Nagaland appeals every avid traveller looking to venture somewhere new. The land's unique cuisine, lifestyle, and culture certainly is overwhelming and it being widely famous for the Hornbill Festival is obviously a major crowd puller. Nonetheless, Nagaland is also popular for its traditional shawls that are manufactured using a unique handmade loom that helps create fascinating patterns. The state's undulating blue hills and salubrious climate offer a perfect destination for family holidays, backpacking tours and even honeymooning. This go-to-destination is a must visit place for adventure lovers. Once here, you can visit many towns and villages that offer varieties of eateries and local stories. You can also partake in some things to do in Nagaland such as celebrating festivals and learning their way of living. However, these are simply getting to know the culture in depth. If adventure adrenaline is what you are looking for then you can go for trekking in Nagaland. A hike up the misty mountains of Mount Saramati will leave you inspired for more adventure. Another interesting place for trekking is Dzukou Valley; a magical place in Nagaland also serves as a border between Nagaland and Manipur. There are plenty of perfect getaway destinations for couples who look for nothing but only for a leisure activity.

Tourism in Nagaland mostly revolves around its scenic landscapes and culture and in this case, a visit to charming place Mokokchung is a must. With its close vicinity to popular attractions like Longkhum Village, you can actually see the Doyang River from here and also learn the legendary story of the Romeo and Juliet of the Ao tribe - Chenna and Etiben. Pay a visit to the oldest and the largest village of Nagaland, Unagma and also visit Mopungchuket Village to partake in boating and also visit Time-Pillar and Village Cultural Museum. Besides, shopping is an ultimate affair that can never go wrong. Shopping in Nagaland is a unique experience and it is because you get to see varieties of clothing on one side and a sale of Naga handicrafts on the other side. Kohima is a great pit stop to shop for local handicrafts that can be bought as a memento as well. Since it is the capital of Nagaland, you get to witness the famous Hornbill Festival during the start of December.

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