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Top Things to Do in Phek

Phek’s top attraction is its surreal landscape. Covered in thick forest, this lesser known destination is ideal for those seeking some solitude amidst tranquil surroundings. Phek offers nature lovers with pristine rivers; scintillating lakes; and a heritage village, Khezakeno. It is an ideal travel destination to learn about the tribal life in Nagaland and also see it well conserved even today. For wildlife lovers, the lovely woods in the district offer incredible opportunity to sight some rare species of orchids and birds. The less travelled trail of the Phek district are perfect to spend some time alone with nature and contemplate.

Amongst the top travel places is Pfutsero, a hill station that offers visitors a quiet ambience and scenic beauty to enjoy. The place is lush with apple orchards and green vegetable adding further allurement for the tourists. Phek is basically an ideal travel destination for nature lovers and for those always in search of new experience. Therefore, birdwatching, hiking and trekking and exploring the tribal life are some of the best things to do here.

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