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The Living Stones of Tuensang

About 60 kilometres away from the town of Tuensang, you will find the legendary village of Longtrok where lies the The Living Stone of Tuensang. For those who have interest in the legends of the Nagas of Nagaland, Living Stones is the right place to visit. The word Longtrok comes from their native language and means “6 Stones” which has now been popularised as The Living Stones of Tuensang. Legend has it that the 6 stones represent their ancient Holy Gods who are personified as stones. These stones further gave birth to other stones that are spread across the globe. Here, you will also see objects of the Tsongliyangti and Chungliyangti civilisations. This particular spot is located 57 kilometers from the town of Tuensang, and here you will also get to learn about the roots of the Ao tribe, one of the largest Naga tribes. These tribes are well known to have walked across mountains for generations. Even today, this place reflects the idea of Naga locals living as a large family.

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This tourist attraction doesn’t offer much for the adventure sports enthusiast but is definitely a treat for those who love discovering the cultures, folklores and traditions of different tribes. The Living Stones of Tuensang offer you a rich story filled with the benevolence of God and malevolence of men.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars and board state run buses to reach the Living Stone of Tuensang directly from Longtrok or Tsadang. The NH-155 connects Tuensang to Dimapur and state buses or taxis would connect you conveniently via national highway. Rest of the journey needs a rental car.

The Living Stone of Tuensang, Nagaland

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit The Living Stone of Tuensang is during the months of summer, i.e., between the months of March and June. With a temperate type of climate, Tuensang has comfortable summers and chilly cold winters. The monsoon season is difficult to travel due to torrential rain.

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