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Baptist Mother Church Mokokchung

One of the biggest churches of the Nagaland is the Baptist Mother church, also known as Ao Baptist church or the Mokokchung Church. This church is known to follow Baptized principles. There are total 5000 families as well as 15000 baptized followers of this church. Hundreds of worshippers come to this church on every Sunday to offer their prayer and seek blessings. This church is a major tourist attraction in Mokokuchung.

The Ao Baptist church is also addressed as the Mother Church. In 1937, this North East situated church was built by the Mokokchung residents who followed Christianity. After the church was constructed, there were only five people who had got them registered as the members of the church which opened on 14 August 1938. But now after 75 years of its establishment the church has 100% of the total following population who have been baptized in this church. The Mokokchung church initially at its early stage was a construction of thatched roofs and bamboo. While building the church the neighboring churches had offered help in both kind and cash.

Popular things to do and see in and around

This church is situated at Mokokchung, a prime location for tourism in Nagaland. If you are religious kind of person you will have a lot of places to visit nearby in your bucket list like Compound Baptist Church, Town Baptist Church and Yim Baptist Church. Apart from the Baptist Mother church you can pay a visit to Lotha Baptist church and spirit of faith church at Dimapur, which are just at a walking distance.

Getting There 

From Mokokchung town, you can take a cab to visit the Ao Baptist Church in just few minutes or you can even walk. You can also reach the Mokokchung church directly via state buses that connect the nearby towns and cities and since Baptist Mother church is located on the NH61 highway, you will also not need any further transport means after getting down at the bus stand.

Baptist Mother Church in Mokokchung

Best Time to Visit

To enjoy the essence of the crowd one should be there during the Christmas time or anytime between October and mid of March. The cool breeze outside and the warmth and holiness in the church and carols and hymns on the Christmas Eve will be an experience of its own kind. Being in the north east the weather is usually chilly cold with temperature around 4 degrees in winter.

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