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Folk Dance in Nagaland

Nagaland is exotic in all forms, rich in primeval beauty and most importantly the traditional dance. Music and dance play a huge part in Naga culture and any event won't conclude without a folk dance. The people of Nagaland believe in togetherness hence you will notice all their dances are presented in groups. Speaking of which, Nagaland has multiple tribes each having their own uniqueness, dance forms, cultures, language and more. For instance, the major folk dances of Nagaland include Modse, Agurshikukula, Butterfly Dance, Aaluyattu, Sadal Kekai, Changai Dance, Kuki Dance, Leshalaptu, Khamba Lim, Mayur Dance, Monyoasho, Rengma, Seecha and Kukui Kucho, Shankai and Moyashai etc, however, the prominent ones are War Dance and Zeliang Dance.

The men in Nagaland perform War Dance with an outburst cry and humming tune. It can be said, this dance form mocks war scenario by involving dangerous war movements. A single wrong step could ruin an entire act, it's martial and athletic style requires a performer to whirl his legs while keeping the body in an upward posture. Besides the traditional attire worn by the performers are simply unique. Apart from War Dance being popular in Nagaland, there is another artistic dance of the Zeliang Naga tribe, Zeliang dance. Most of the Naga dances are predominantly performed by men but this tribe allows their women to partake in the dance as well. Nothing too instrumental but with only beating of the drum in a synchronized melody along with leg movement makes men and women merge together forming a circle, chanting some chorus. This chanting, clapping and shouting of words, thumping of feet, gracefully endowed with traditional headgear and clothes inspires every member of the group and the spectators as well. In order to add vigour to the dance, the performers are garnished in metal ornaments.

Chang Lo or Sua Lua is a traditional dance of the Chang tribe of Nagaland state. Similar to the Zeliang dance, this tribe is gracefully performed with men and women both geared up with traditional war weapons like dao, shield and spear.

Nagaland Folk Dance

The folk dances of the tribes of Nagaland can be witnessed in their auspicious festivals such as Moatsu, Tuluni and Tsukhenyie Festival to name a few. However, if dates don’t follow up, a visit to the famous Hornbill Festival that happens once every December is definitely a must visit. It is here one can witness the many unique folk dances of Nagaland.

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