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Khezhakeno Village is one of the tourist attractions and is widely renowned for its historical significance. The village was the home to the ancestors of the Nagas. It used to be home for several different tribes which dispersed and migrated over time to other parts of North-East India. Today, Khezhakeno village has more than 4000 people living in this historical site. The village has a vital contribution in Phek tourism owing to its heritage, cultural beauty and historic importance as well as for its natural splendour as seen in the Chidalake. Under the initiative of the Nagaland Government, the Khezhakeno Village now sports a bungalow especially catering to keen tourists who are attracted to the beauty and magnificence of the history and origin of Nagas. Legend has it the village has a stone slab which has magical powers to multiply the production of paddy even when the land is dry as bone.

Popular Things to do & See

To extend your cultural knowledge about Nagaland, the place to visit is Khezhakeno Village. Being the birthplace of the Nagas, Khezhakeno receives a lot of attention on the front of historical significance and can prove to be an excellent way to know about how the Nagas came to be. The village is also blessed in the terms of scenic beauty which makes it an excellent getaway for families and friends.

Getting ThereĀ 

You can avail rental cars and board state-run buses to reach the village from nearby towns and villages.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Khezhakeno Village is during the months of autumn and winter, i.e., between the months of October and April.

Khezhakeno Village, Nagaland

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