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Phek Waterfall Phek

Phek Waterfall is one of most beautiful tourist attractions of Nagaland if you are an admirer of nature. In the lap of green forest and woods, you will find the Phek Waterfall flowing through it. This is one of the places to visit with family and kids although little trekking is required to reach this attraction. In fact Phek has become popular as a tourism place in Nagaland owing to this Phek Waterfall and its natural, scenic natural beauty.

Popular Things to do & See

If you like to explore the jungle, you would surely love to visit the Phek Waterfall for its natural beauty and hear its gurgling note. To reach the waterfall, you need to trek through the forest on a rough trail. It offers mesmerising view to the visitors and an ideal place to spend sometime amidst nature.

Getting ThereĀ 

You can avail rental cars or board a state run bus to reach Phek from other parts of the state and then trek to the forested area to reach the falls.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Phek Waterfall is during the seasons of autumn and winter, i.e., between the months of October and April.

Phek Waterfall, Nagaland

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