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Kohima Travel Guide

The gateway to Nagaland, Dimapur is an irresistible part of Northeast, and a must-visit travel places. Dimapur in Naga means the ‘the city near a great river.’ With Dhansiri River on one side, and wooden meadows flanking the other, Dimapur was the former capital of the Kachari tribe, traces of which can be seen even today. And that the reason why here one can find many temples, and monuments. Apart from archeologist tracing its intriguing past, the place remains thronged with business travelers due to its commercial centers. There are many starlit attractions in the Dimapur like Zoological Park, Ao Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Centre, Green Park yet its main highlights remains handicrafts and handlooms.

An Insight into Kohima Tourism

Amidst the hills, and barely known forest nestles the capital city of Nagaland - Kohima. Standing tall at an elevation of 1500 meters, Kohima was primarily highlighted on India Tourism map during the World War 2 for the decisive battle that was fought here between India, and Japan. Originally, it was known as Kewhira, when British Empire established their headquarters in 1878. It officially became the capital after the state of Nagaland was inaugurated in 1963. Currently, it is a prominent hilly hamlet of Nagaland that can easily match the standards of all prime hill stations of NorthEast.

One can see the traces of Nagaland since 1840. The British tried to invade the Naga territory with a purpose to make an army camp Initially, the local Naga people were resistant as they were never overpowered by anyone, then after 40 years the British managed to capture its 10,000 square kilometers, leaving behind the Eastern region. In 1944, a war between England, and Japan was fought here, one can see the glimpses of all these events in its all travel places. Later in 1963, it was christened as the capital city of Nagaland.

When it comes to the best places to see on the Nagaland tour, the first place that comes to our mind will be War Cemetery, the final resting ground of the soldiers who lost their lives in the England- Japan war. An inscription at the base of one the two large crosses here reads,' When you go to home tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, we gave our today.' Overlooking the cemetery, there's Cathedral of Reconciliation; built in 1965, and partly funded by the Japanese government. Another fascinating tourism place in Kohima is State Museum. Located right in the north of the bazaar, the state museum exhibits the excellent anthropological collection of Naga mask, textiles, jewelry, and totem pillars from all the 16 Naga tribes.

Catholic Church on Aradura Hill, which happens to be the largest wooden cross in the country; Kohima Zoo, home to Tragopan bird, and the state animal, the wild buffalo; Night market that sells souvenirs, street food and toys for children, and Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow are worth an explore too over a holiday in Nagaland.

Daredevils too have many reasons to visit Kohima. This top travel destination in India is close to Mt Japfu, the second highest peak in Nagaland, and Dzukou Valley, Nagaland’s valley of flowers. Travelers often stop at the base of these travel destinations to trek, and lay their eyes on the amazing varieties of lilies and rhododendrons, apart from several bird species.

As fascinating as the attractions are the colorful people of Nagaland. If interested in knowing the whereabouts of these tribes, two villages of Nagaland should be explored. One is Bara Basti, as settlement of Angami Naga tribe, located on the hill overlooking the town. Another one too is an Angami Naga village but a modernized one - Khonoma. The villages here known for their unique agriculture skills- growing 30 varieties of rice on terraced paddy fields.

The best time to go for a holiday in Kohima would be the winters, and monsoon as this is when one can see when the weather is good enough to go for sightseeing trips. Summers is just the perfect time to go for a trekking. Also due to its closeness to Dimapur, Kohima is easily approachable for tourist. For an upcoming vacation in Northeast, if you want to consider Kohima as a part of the trip then don’t forget to see the travel guides at Tour My India that will help to design the perfect trip. Our services are just not limited to the guide, we have travel experts who can design the perfect Nagaland Tour Package for you.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Kohima

Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland, thus here one can find many things to do like shopping; visiting handful of attractions, and historical places, and taking part in colorful festivals. Tourists should try to time their visit with the Hornbill Festival where 16 Naga tribes showcase their culture at Kisama Village. If having extra time at disposal, do go for a long trek to Dzukou Valley, approximately 74 kilometers from Kohima. Avoid a trip to Kohima around Sunday as mostly attractions remain closed.

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