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Noklak Tuensang

Located in the district of Tuensang in the state of Nagaland, Noklak is one of the most popular tourist attractions owing to its gamut of tribal festivities. This North-Eastern village offers a great view of the mountains and vales of the Himalayan Range. It has recently become quite popular amidst tourists and is filled with tribesmen and their cultures and ancient traditions. This village is quite modernized on one hand and global education has reached the corners of Noklak which helps the tribesmen learn the global language of English and communicate with the tourists fluently. The Khiamniungan tribe are the prime inhabitants of this village and they are widely known for their cane work, handicrafts and artefacts.

Popular Things to do & See

As because tourism has not yet completely bloomed in this village, it is still unruffled by other tourists and gives you a chance to explore the raw mystery of Noklak. Being one of the places to visit in Nagaland, you must not miss shopping the colourful local goods from this village as souvenirs.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars and buses to reach Noklak from neighbouring villages. However, rentals cars from Dimapur can bring you to Tuensang and then it’s just a matter of an hour or 2 to reach this spot.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Noklak is during the months of summer, i.e., between the months of March and June when you can enjoy the comfortable weather of not too hot or not too cold.

Noklak, Nagaland

Tuensang experiences a temperate type of climate with a hot summer and extremely cold winters. The monsoon season is difficult to travel as the area experiences heavy rainfall incessantly.

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