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Top Things to Do in Mokokchung

Mokokchung is a land full of uniqueness and freshness. It is evident to find lush flora, calm places and exotic attractions. With Mokokchung being the centremost place, the roads are swiftly linked to many villages and attractions. Some top tourist attractions in Mokokchung that you must be a part of are listed as you read. You can explore the calm offbeat villages like Longkhum Village where the village is surrounded by local history, rhododendrons, and plenty of pine trees.

Ungma Village is the oldest tribal village in Nagaland and you will get to witness the old log drum which was once an instrument to signal messages. There is other popular Mokokchung tourist attraction around as well like Mopungchuket Village, the Mother Church of Mokokhung, the district park and more. Feel the soothing atmosphere and natural splendour when in Mokokchung because you can go for a short trip to bathe in the sun in some resorts near Mokokchung like’ Just A Venue Hill Resort’, ‘Jentisang Resort’ and ‘Metsuben Resort and Organic Farm.’

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