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Glory Peak Phek

At about 2600 metres above sea level, Glory Peak offers an astonishing and mesmerizing view which one can never forget. It is located in the district of Phek and is one of the highest mountains of Nagaland. This popular tourist attraction is majorly famous for not only its spectacular view of the mountains covered with lush greenery but also for its majestic view of the World’s highest mountain, Mountain Everest. The Peak is about 4 kilometres away from Pfutsero town and 70 kilometres away from the capital of Nagaland, Kohima. You can even see Mount Saramati, which happens to be the highest mountain of Nagaland. The summit of the peak is a flat plateau land. On one half of the summit, the locals celebrate occasions and grand gatherings with great mirth and vivacity, and on the other half of the summit, there is a treehouse from where you can see Mt. Everest and Mt. Saramati. Over the years, Phek has seen quite a popularity in tourism for this Glory Peak and its scenic beauty.

Popular Things to do & See

You must include Glory Peak in your travel list of the places to visit in North-East India as this Peak offers a fantastic view of both the surrounding valleys of the Himalayan Range and also a clear view of Mount Everest. Glory Peak has become people’s favourite picnic spot including that of the locals. You can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with your friends and family with a picnic basket up in Glory Peak. You can also visit the Peak to witness few of the occasions celebrated by the locals.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars or take a state run bus to reach the Pfutsero town, which is the closest spot and then reach the foothills, rest of the path needs to be trekked to reach Glory Peak.

Glory Peak, Nagaland

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Glory Peak is during the months of autumn and winter, i.e., between the months of October and April.

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