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Longtrok Tuensang

If you want to witness the legendary and well-famed civilizations of Tsongliyangti and Chungliyangti, Longtrok is the place to visit. With several tourist attractions, including the living stones of Tuensang, Longtrok, which when literally translated stands for 6 stones is the most important stone structure in Tuensang. Tsongliyangti, Chungliyimti and Chungliyangti are worshipped by all the villagers. The stones are also called Sangtams and believed to be the personified forms of their ancient Gods who gave birth to other stones that migrated to various other places. North East India is blessed with many cultures and Longtrok has proven to be a highlighted hotspot of cultures.

Popular Things to do & See

To extend your cultural knowledge about Nagaland, you must visit Longtrok and spend some time with locals and know about the heavily rich culture with bounty full of traditions upheld by the local tribesmen, Longtrok is the place where you can both enjoy the company of people who share different upbringing than yours and also relax and soothe your soul amidst the hilly scenes with your friends and family. There are two more villages nearby – Kiphire and Chingmei villages that are worth a visit.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars and can even board state run buses to reach the spots and neighbouring villages. State run buses are available from the city of Dimapur to Tuensang, they charge around Rs.300 for the ride. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach the spot from Tuensang.

Longtrok, Nagaland

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Longtrok is during the months of summer, i.e., between the months of March and June. Tuensang experiences a temperate type of climate with a moderately hot summer and chilly winters. The monsoon season is difficult to travel due to torrential rain, thus hampering the tourism in Nagaland.

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