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Vankhosung Wokha

The birthplace of Christianity in Wokha is Vankhosung. It is about 4 kilometres north of Wokha Town, Nagaland. Vankhosung is located in the foothills of the fabled, well-known Mount Tyi. In Vankhosung, you will cross paths with the mission compound of Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü (KBES). The first American Baptist Mission activity began from this very place in the year 1923 which makes it very significant for the Christians residing in Wokha. KBES has started numerous operations for the development of the place by setting up several educational institutes.

Popular Things to do & See

When you’re visiting the tourist attraction, Vankhosung, you will be greeted with the culture of Christian people of the North East. There has been lot of development done by Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü. Tourists have a vast opportunity to interact with the locals and learn about their exquisite culture.

Getting There 

You can reach and explore Totsu Cliff by buses and rental cars from the city centre of Wokha.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for visting Vankhosung is during the months of October to February. During these months, one can witness Totsu Cliff, which is in its true majestic form with several flowers blooming all around and forming a visual treat, you would be able to get the best of this place in comfortable, cool weather and minimal rainfall period.

Vankhosung, Wokha

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