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Visiting Nagaland in Summer Season

Summertime is nice and pleasant in Nagaland, its salubrious climate appeals every traveller to climb further, explore the destinations at ease. The ideal months to visit Nagaland during summer is throughout the year but the best months would be March and April, the temperatures range from 16°C - 31°C. During this time the place offers unending exploration possibilities to places such as Mokokchung, Kohima, Dimapur, Mon, Tuensang, Wokha and more. Nevertheless, the summer season is a perfect time to venture on a trekking spree and sightseeing attractions in Nagaland. Track the trails of the past ventures in Mount Saramati the highest peak in Nagaland. From here, you can see beautiful mountains tops and bits of Myanmar. For a soothing escapade from the city, you can climb up the Japfu Peak and camp overnight in Dzukou Valley listening to the gurgling rivers of Dzukou and Japfu.

The best part about summer in Nagaland is, the sun does not prickle your skin, however, sunscreens are mandatory. Also, there are a few resorts in Nagaland that offer leisure summer activities; some resorts in Nagaland are Just A Venue in Mokokchung. This resort gives a soothing feel and it is a perfect place for family holidays. Naithu Resort in Dimapur will provide you a luxe comfort with clean pools to dive in during sunny afternoons. Nagaland has different festivals during summer months; Moatsu Festival of the Ao tribe is celebrated on the first week of May every year. It is a joyous feast where people come and celebrate wearing their best outfit and traditional attire. Other festival celebrated in the month of April is Aoleang Monyu Festival of Konyak tribe and Tsukhenyie Festival of Chakhesang tribe. Besides, the festivals of Nagaland, one can certainly enjoy wildlife experience in the national parks of Nagaland such as Ntangki National Park, Nagaland Zoological Park, Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

Visit Nagaland in Summer Season

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