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Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto

Sumi Baptist Church of Zunheboto is mighty sight to behold for it can be spotted from 20 villages of the Zunheboto District. This Church began its construction in the year 2005 and after over a decade, the church was scheduled to open its door to the public as the largest church building in all of Asia at 1800 metres above the sea level. With the project seating capacity of over 8000 people, the Church with its white and blue exterior has created quite a name even before it became a tourist attraction. Despite the North-East India being prone to seismic activities, the engineers have constructed a strong church building structure for people. This 8-storeyed building is one of Nagaland’s places to visit.

Popular Things to do & See

Apart from praying, Sumi Baptist Church is one of astounding architectural and engineering modern-day monuments. It is definitely a place to be to explore and be at awe with this 8-storeyed building and 27 rooms that has been tastefully furnished and decorated.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars to reach Sumi Baptist Church from the neighbouring towns and villages of Zunheboto.

Best Time to Visit

This church is open throughout the year for all tourists and devotees.

Sumi Baptist Church, Nagaland

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