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Doyang Hydro Project Wokha

Located in the district of Wokha in the state of Nagaland, Doyang Hydro Project is one of the most popular tourist attractions. People who have visited Doyang Hydro Project, have given positive feedback about the place being beautiful. Birds migrate from north to south when spring approaches and settle down at Doyang Hydro Project area for a little break during their long migratory journey. The project began during the late 1980s and ended in the year 2000. Owing to the locale of the project with the mighty Doyang River flowing, Doyang Hydro Project is a benchmark tourism spot. With many wild animals like monkeys, snakes, etc, living nearby in the forest, this place is a marvellous place to be at with a panoramic view of several villages of Wokha and Mokokchung District.

Popular Things to do & See

If you’re a bird-watcher, you can visit the site to watch and observe several species of local and migratory birds from this high point. It is also a beautiful place to be at with your friends and family.

Getting There 

You can reach and explore Doyang Hydro Project by buses, and rental cars from Wokha town.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Doyang Hydro Project is in between the months of October and February. During these months, one can witness Doyang Hydro Project at its true majestic form. Many migratory birds take a halt during these months. It is also one of the most sought after places for picnics in Wokha amidst cool and comfortable weather.

Doyang Hydro Project in Wokha

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