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Heritage DC Bungalow Kohima

The Heritage DC Bungalow is one of the most ancient buildings in Kohima and is known for its sheer resplendence and luxury. Located at the Officers’ Hill in Kohima, the bungalow has only 4 rooms. It is a peaceful resort, which is very close to the market place. A rich culmination of the Naga culture and the ambience of the bygone era, the bungalow has a Naga pavilion, a Naga hut and a covered court. Embellished with classic interiors, the art work inside the building proves to be a visual pleasure. Tourism in Nagaland is fasting growing for its rich cultural heritage and one of the names is Heritage DC Bungalow as a must visit spot. North East attracts over a lakh tourists during the Hornbill festival alone and tourists visit this bungalow with equal enthusiasm during that time.

Popular things to do & see in and around

Easily accessible to all the tourist attractions, Heritage DC Bungalow is known for its complaisant location. Here are some of the places to visit when you are here:

The market: The market is one of the busiest spots here. One can spend a long day here, shuffling through the local products and handicraft that can be bought at reasonable prices. You can also visit the state emporiums that shelf some of the best handloom products at best prices.

Kohima Museum: The state museum is just 1.5 kilometers away from the city of Kohima. Take a peek into the cultural vibrancy of the state, as you explore the lifestyle, the tradition of the people here. One can also see ancient coins, pottery, weapons . One can also explore the exhibits of animals and birds that are specific to the state. The museum also has a cultural display of 14 recognized tribes and sub-tribes in the State.

Some of the other museums that you can visit include the Phek Museum and the Mokochung Museum.

Getting There 

The Heritage DC Bungalow is located on NH 39. It is just 3.5 kilometers away from the main city junction.

Heritage DC Bungalow in Kohima

Visitors can hire private taxis to reach the bungalow. However, buses are also available. There are private taxis available from the Dimapur to reach this spot directly.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kohima, Nagaland is between October and May. However, it is very difficult to get reservation in the bungalow. Ensure that you plan ahead and make reservations accordingly.

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