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Shopping in Nagaland

Nagaland maybe far from the rest of the Indian states but it is not far when it comes to fashion and craftsmanship. This exotic state knows a thing or two about the latest trends and traditional decor. Its woven Naga shawls, bamboo mugs, cane carpets, silk mekhela are just a few mentions. Besides, these are some obvious items tourists look for as a takeaway memento. Nagaland craft and art come from a long lineage of ancestors and it is greatly carried out even in today's generation. The fact that the constant stress, time and dedication put by the local artisans to untangle each thread or weave bamboo strands to create a work of art is a tedious task perhaps that is what appeals every traveller while shopping in Nagaland. No matter wherever you set your foot in Nagaland, you can find central markets or a bazaar filled with local items such as handmade bags, baskets made of cane, home decor items, shawls, ornaments and war weapons.

Since Kohima is a major hub and the capital of Nagaland, there are many places to shop. Handicraft and Handloom Emporium is a great place to do some round up's for something traditional. Here, you can shop for aforementioned items such as different tribal shawls, handmade items, silk clothings and ornaments. Despite the fact that Nagaland is rich in crafts and art, it does not fall behind when it comes to latest fashion trends. From fashion's point of view, Nagaland is deeply influenced by Korean culture, and thus you can see from the way they dress and undoubtedly, they carry themselves really well. There are multiple stores around entire Nagaland but since Dimapur is the commercial capital one can find latest trends imported from the Asian countries (mostly from Bangkok). Coming to that, you don’t necessarily need to go to Bangkok for shopping while you get it all in Nagaland. Now, I don’t mean to be biased, even if you go up hill towards northern Nagaland, you can find wide variety of merchandises.

Shopping in Nagaland

Places such as Mokokchung, Mon, Wokha, Zunheboto and Tuensang also offer splendour work of ornaments and traditional cloths that one simply cannot pass by without trying it out.

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