Vasota Fort Maharashtra

The Vasota Fort happens to be one of the most important places of historical and architectural importance in Maharashtra that has been boosting tourism in Maharashtra for quite a long time. The Maharashtra tour guides proclaim the Vasota Fort as one of the main tourism attraction that gives an insight into the history and heritage of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The fort is also known as Nandugad and located in the Satara district in the state of Maharashtra. The fort stands near Banmoli in Satar district, which is a really remote area. Here in the earlier times attack from the enemy side was obstructed with army force. The natural surroundings of the fort gave the place a natural protection. This was one of the main reasons why the fort was considered to be a safe abode where the armies could take rest during the reign of Marathas. The natural protective ambience of the fort inspired Shivaji Maharaj to name it as Vyaghragad, vyghra meaning tiger. This place is surrounded by dense forests and is considered to be one of the most popular and beautiful trekking zones in the Sahyadri region. The flora and fauna of the place shall transport you to another world and the trekking experience will be none like any other that you might have been to.

History of the Attraction

This fort was built by Raja Nangopal of Panhala. This fort always remained with the Marathas and later with the Shirkes and the Mores. The natural surroundings of the fort made is secure from the attacks of the enemies. However in the year 1818 the British did attack the fort with bombs that did destroy certain parts of the fort.

Getting There

This mountainous region and its surroundings consist of very heavy forests and thus it is considered to be one of the most popular zones for trekking. The place is connected with Mumbai through road and is about 350 km from Mumbai. Regular buses and private cars are the best means to reach Vasota Fort from nearby cities.

Things to do in and around

Some of the places to visit near the Vasota Fort can be said as – the remnants of the Shree Mahadev Mandir and also the plinth of a large sadar, which was used as a discussion place in the earlier times. The Vasota fort is otherwise in a dilapidated condition, although the forest and the adjoining areas have been transformed into a natural reserve.

Vasota Fort in Maharashtra

Opening/Closing timings and days

The fort and its adjoining trekking areas are open al round the year. Yet the more conducive seasons for trekking are the days and the period stretch when visitors are encouraged all the more.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees for the fort itself. Trekking expeditions comes with specific price packages.

Best time to Visit

Since the place is one of the most favourite spots for trekking hence a visit during the winters is the best time to do so; monsoons can be dangerous and the summers are scorching and uncomfortable. Therefore, winters would be said as the most comfortable time to visit this fort. Monsoon is a time that is best avoided for both slippery rocks and reptiles from forests.

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