Best Time to Visit Maharashtra

Decked with vast expanses of magnetizing canvas, Maharashtra is one of the most exotic traveler’s hotspots in India. Showcasing country’s iconic attractions, its balmy beaches, lush green mountains, romantic vineyards and sacred pilgrim places are worth dying for. This alluring place features three seasons; namely summer, winter and monsoon. October to March is the best time to visit Maharashtra. Offering a great climate to its visitors, this time is ideal for vacationers to witness the scenic beauty of this destination.

Summer in Maharashtra

Summers in Maharashtra set in the month of March and extend till May. These months are the hottest with temperatures hovering between 22°C-39°C. During this period, thunderstorms are a lot common and are witnessed by almost the entire state.

Monsoon in Maharashtra

Monsoons here begin in the month of June and retreat by the month of September. The month of July is the wettest, and August too witnesses substantial rains. Monsoon season is not considered an apt time for a travel to this destination, as heavy rainfall disrupts outdoor activities.

Winter in Maharashtra

November to February, Maharashtra witnesses winters. This season is apt for spending an enjoyable vacation. With temperatures hovering between 12°C-34°C, the weather remains extremely pleasant.

Best Glimpse of Maharashtra

The sky remains clear blue with gentle breeze flows. It is the best time to indulge in outdoor activities like sightseeing of some of the well known tourism places. The beauty of this place is at its peak during this time of the year. Hence visitors are advised to plan a visit to Maharashtra in winters.

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