Ganpatipule Travel Guide

A must visit for the pilgrims; a heaven for beach bums, and a hub for the daredevils, Ganpatipule, an iconic beach town along the Konkan coast, is meant for one and all. It is believed that Lord Ganapati moved here from his original abode of Gulé, and that's how the city got its name. This small village in Maharastra is untouched by the frantic commercialization of urban life and successfully retains its charm of an idyllic holiday destination. Undoubtedly, it's the beaches that make it a sought-after destination amongst the travelers.

An Insight into Ganpatipule Tourism

Ganpatipule is a town in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Placed at the coastal regions of Konkan, Ganpatipule is known for its picturesque seashore. With innumerable beaches which are clean and vast, Ganapatipule is one of the popular tourism places in Maharashtra. Tourists, who are inclined more towards the vast oceans and its marine life along with flowers and creatures of the mountains, find themselves at peace at this scenic place that also has the humble dwelling of the Hindu elephant God, Ganapati. The town earned its name due to this folklore that Ganapati had moved his residence from Gulé to Pulé and has since been named Ganapatipule.

Tourist attractions in Ganapatipule have several counter folds. It is not only the seaside which attracts the travelers here but religious places, shopping options, and water sports. Sightseeing places here include Ganapatipule Beach which is characterized by serene sunsets and bleached fine hoary sand; Swayambhu Ganapati Temple which is a heritage site of 400 years and above; Jaigad Fort that is constructed on a cliff that overlooks the bay which is formed when River Shastri flows into the Arabian Sea;

Malgund; Pawas; Jaigad Lighthouse and many more. This picturesque place of Ganapatipule is a picture-perfect sublime escape from the humdrum of daily life in the slip of nature.

Tourism in Ganapatipule has hit a record high which leads to the development of good accommodation options. Although the climate in Ganapatipule is mostly warm and humid almost all seasons of the year and it is a really small town but it should not be mistaken to be dingy and devoid of modern technological support system. Owing mostly to the tourism gaining riches after the multitude of travelers spending the better half of their vacation in Ganapatipule, the town has flourished in matters of months. Ganapatipule attracts mostly beach aficionados, armistice pursuers, and pilgrims who come to show their devotion to the Elephant God, Ganapati. Travel destinations in Ganapatipule have been thronged more day by day due to the discovery of the previously undiscovered sightseeing places. To view the rocky coastline with cenotaphs built to show respect to deities are few of the several reasons to visit here.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Ganapatipule

Adorned by a beautiful coastline, Ganpatipule is a tourist attraction with which one can easily fall in love. The town has some good number of other attractions like Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, Jaigad Fort, Malgund, and Velneshwar that are a must-see. Amongst the best things to do in Ganpatipule include a walk along its azure water and golden sand beach.

Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Ganapatipule

Plan a perfect beach holiday at the beautiful tourist destination of Maharashtra, Ganpatipule. This surreal getaway has a lot to offer to any beach lover, honeymoon couple and those seeking that perfect Sun, Sand and Sea holiday. Choose us for the best travel experience in Ganpatipule as we bring varied tour packages that not only cater your interest but are in the budget of your choice.

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