Shivneri Travel Guide

Homeland of Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji and an abode of exquisite architecture, Shivneri invites all the history lovers to relish the Maharashtra’s opulent history and its grandeur with the help of its majestic fort. Shivneri is truly a delightful destination that can make you fall in love with it instantly.

An Insight into Shivneri Tourism

Shivneri is a travel destination in Maharashtra which is visited by many people for a number of reasons. It is located in Pune district of Maharashtra and the initiator of Maratha Empire, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born here. Shivaji was named after the Shivai Devi Goddess whose temple is there inside the fort. During the 1st century AD this place was under the control of Buddhists. Tourism in Shivneri is mainly due to the beautiful design and architecture of the fort.

One of the tourist attractions in Shivneri is the hill fort which is triangular in shape. The fort has its main opening in the south-west part of the hill. The fort has about seven majestic gates and is very well protected on all sides. It can be entered from the eastern side which is popularly called the ‘chain gate’. This gate is generally taken by the trekkers who want their visit here to be more challenging and adventurous.

Towards the north of the fort there is a steep cliff which is named as the Kadelot Point. The other sightseeing places to be explored within the fort are Dongarmatha, Kaman Take and Kadeloot Tok.

There is a pond in the middle of the fort which is known as the ‘Badami Talav’. We can also see sculptures of Shivaji and Jijabai inside the fort. The Junnar town is located near the Shivneri Fort.

There also other tourism places that can be visited from the Shivneri Fort like Narayangad, Chavand, Nimgiri and the Hadsar forts. There is also a mountain pass named Nane Ghat near the Shivneri Fort which is often visited by people travelling there. There many Buddhist caves around the fort which can be explored by tourists. There is a temple of Lord Ganesh making the place a sacred one. The Kukdeshwar temple exhibits some fine statues engraved on the walls of the temple. One can also get the flavor of some good wine if visited in the right season.

The visit to the Shivneri Fort is a perfect blend of the ancient, Middle Ages and modern times which is bound to make the trip an exciting one. It is a perfect plan to spend one’s weekend exploring the fort and its surroundings. We are here to provide you with the best travel guide which will make your trip to this place unforgettable and worthy to be cherished.

Where to Stay in Shivneri?

A number of good hotels can be found in Pune, which is located close to the Shivneri Fort. Pune offers a wide variety of hotels, right from 5-star properties to mid-range to budget-friendly hotels. Hostels, B&Bs and Inns are also available in Pune that offer accommodation at affordable prices.

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