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Latur charms with its diversity and its ideal reflection of Maharashtra’s rich culture and history. This southeastern district is perfect to plan a visit if a meld of religious sites and ancient places is your idea of a Maharashtra holiday. The place is mostly famous for its trade and commerce activities of which Ganj Golai is a major centres.

An Insight into Latur Tourism

Latur is an important district in the south eastern part of Maharashtra and its central place of attraction is the famous ‘Ganjgolai’. The plan for this Ganjgolai was prepared by Shri Faiyajuddin. Latur holds special significance in view of trade and commerce and this Ganjgolai is a main point of trade and commercial activities of this city as there are 16 roads that connect to the golai.

This Ganjgolai being such a prime location, various shops have come up around it and have further added to trade and commerce importance of Latur. The main part of this Ganjgolai is a two storied building that was constructed in the year 1917. In addition to this, at the centre of Ganjgolai is Goddess Ambabai’s temple. Latur has lately gained in its status as a major hub for education with numerous renowned schools and universities. Some of the worth visiting places of Latur are such that it caters to people of all interests – if you are with your family or travelling alone, Latur would be a peaceful and enjoyable holiday destination for sure! Kharosa Caves, Siddheswar temple, Ganj Golai, Udgir Fort, Wadwal Nagnath Hill and Nilanga Temple are few of the famous tourist attractions which you can explore in Latur. The best time to visit Latur is the winter when the temperature ranges is soothing.

Tourism in Latur mainly revolves around the Ganj Golai, but there are several other tourist attractions in Latur as well. Latur has so much to offer that one literally has to follow a travel guide to be able to enjoy a planned tour around the city. To mention few of the important tourist attractions of Latur, it is best to start with Wadhwal Nagnath Bet, a famous hill area specially known for the Ayurvedic value of its plants and bushes.

Then there is the historic town of Ausa, which is known for an ancient shrine of Virnath Maharaj. It is at a distance of 20 km from Latur.

Ahmedpur, yet another attraction of Latur, is a taluka headquarter like Ausa and houses important temples and samadhis. Shirur Anantpal is mostly visited during Holi. There is an old temple of Lord Shiva, which also houses an idol of Mahishasur. Located by the Latur-Nanded Highway is Chakur, popular for a temple of Lord Shiva and Vrindavan Water & Amusement Park.

In the Kharosa Village are the 12 Kharosa Caves, built during the 6th century where one can witness carvings of different gods and goddesses. Then there is Namanand Maharaj Ahsram, Siddheshwari Temple, Ashtavinayak Temple Sural Sawali Durga, Nilanga Temple, Hattibet – Devarjan, Udgir amoung other worthy places in Latur. All these sightseeing places together have added to the tourism value of not only Latur, but of Maharashtra on a whole. Location wise, Latur has been naturally blessed as it is surrounded by many other important tourism places which can be easily accessed. Places and towns like Parbhani, Solarpur, Nanded lies in close ally to Latur and are ideal for day visit.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Latur

Latur opens doors to some interesting places to see, one can find sites of historical importance and as well as with religious significance. The main attractions in the district includes ancient caves and bustling centre of trade, Golai Ganj. There are a number of temples that are a must visit here and for nature lovers, there are few places to relish.

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Best Hotels to Stay in Latur

Latur houses good number of budget hotels that cater to all the basic needs of their guests. However, for a luxury stay one has to book in Nanded which is at a short distance away from Latur. Nanded offer few high-end hotels that are perfect for leisure travellers. Guest houses and lodges are also available in Nanded.

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