Solapur Travel Guide

Inviting tourists to enjoy a holiday witnessing exquisite architecture, stunning landscape, gorgeous Great Indian Bustard and the holy Hindu Temples, Solapur is indeed an action-packed destination in Maharashtra. This southeastern city located on Seena and Bhima Basins is warm and charming and offers tourists a lot of hues to relish.

An Insight into Solapur Tourism

Located in the southeastern part of Maharashtra, Solapur is a historically and religiously significant city lying in the Seena and Bhima Basins. There are many beliefs and tales behind the naming of this city. Initially it was believed that the city was spread over an area covering sixteen different villages, while some old inscriptions say Sanalpur and Sandalpur to be its initial names.

Today, this city of Maharashtra is a primary center for cotton producing mills and power looms and is also famous for its textiles making it primary travel destination for businessmen. Solapur also leads in tobacco production in Maharashtra. The city is known for tanning, wool weaving, carpentry, oil mills, bamboo, rope, pottery and leather work. All these have resulted in making Solapur into a commercially viable city of Maharashtra. It is also an important tourist centre with attractions like Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple, Bhuikot Fort, Rukmini Temple, Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Solapur Science Centre and many religious sites.

Solapur shares its borders with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Thus, it represents a mixed culture and welcome tourists and travelers with wide opened arms and hospitality.

Locals of the city are very warm and welcoming and are also very hardworking. People of Solapur has special knack for art and literature. It has given birth to many significant achievers in the field of art and literature. Lavni and Dhangari Gaja are two important dance forms that are performed in festivals. Fair and Festivals also form core part of culture of Solapur.

Tourism in Solapur is described by its various top sightseeing places that attract travelers from all parts of the world. Some of the popular tourist places in Solapur are Akkalkot Temple, Siddheshwar Temple and Lake, Nannaji Wild Life Sanctuary, Maldhok Bird Sanctuary, Solapur Fort and Sambhaji. Shopping is a must if you are in this city that is popular for garments and jewelry.

As all the holiday guides of Solapur states clearly that the city has very well planned infrastructure and commuting options. When in Solapur, try its cuisines that are easily available in the local restaurants like Khara Mutton, various kinds of chutneys made from peanuts like Senga chutney, sheera as the dessert and many more. Most of the restaurants in Solapur offer vegetarian menu, although some do prepare non-veg delicacies.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Solapur

Solapur is replete with attractions and experiences, the ideal thing to do here apart from visiting temples is to go on a wildlife tour and witness unique Great Indian Bustard. Another must thing to do in Solapur is to savour the food here which is certainly delicious. Shopping for garments and jewelery should also not be missed here.

Where to Stay in Solapur?

Solapur has a good number of hotels that are value for money. Mostly in mid-range and budget category, these staying places offer comfort as well cater to all the basic needs of their guests. One can expect well-maintained hotels, with neat and tidy rooms and spacious washrooms at quite a reasonable price in Solapur.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Solapur

Solapur offers incredible opportunity to design multiple travel packages for tourists of different interest and budget. One can choose from our pilgrimage tour package, historical tour, family holiday package or budget tour package, each of which are packed with interesting things to do and see in Solapur.

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