Malvan Travel Guide

Malvan as a captivating coastal town treasures many attractions that invite travellers from near and far. Its balmy weather certainly makes one feel composed and relaxed. Here, the attractions you can witness here are lined as a fort, gardens, beaches and temples, while with Arabian Sea right at your door step, water adventure sports like snorkelling and scuba diving are a must do.

An Insight into Malvan Tourism

With fishing as its main occupation, Malvan is one of the tourist places in Maharashtra which offers beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. This soothing picture-perfect beauty has a pleasant climate. Though a part of Maharashtra, its dialect is not Marathi but Malvani, which is their popular form of verbal communication. However, they are willing to trade it with Hindi for the benefit of travellers. Tourist attractions like Tarkali Beach, Rock Garden, Sindhudurg Fort (which is really famous and renowned for its historic value), Malvan Marine Sanctuary and several other sightseeing places depict Malvan’s magnificence and charm. To witness this exquisite painting of nature, many tourists are attracted to Malvan making it a popular travel destination in Maharashtra. The dainty little town has also attracted a lot of Bollywood directors and a few of its points has been finally furnished into Sai Bollywood Film City which is the world’s first Bollywood film city. Ratified by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, the film city is a place both for sightseeing and leisure and is one of the must-visits. The main highlight of Malvan is that it is an approved spot for scuba-diving and snorkelling. The adventure holiday travellers can engage in this recreational sport and witness the bright and vibrant marine life and its titanic assortment of corals and coral reefs.

Other water sports are also famous around here for boating, water skiing, and kayaking. For the culture aficionado, there are sites like Jai Ganesh Mandir, Rameshwar Temple, Shri Dev Ravalnath Mandir of Waingiri, Vetal Mandir and several others. These shrines and sanctuaries for devotees of God are mostly ancient and are worthy depictions of medieval architecture. Dashavataar is a religious play depicting the ten forms of Lord Vishnu is a large event for all the inhabitants of Malvan and is celebrated with much vigor. The tourists, if visiting that time of the year, will experience a culturally enriching festival of the locals. The Malvan Marine Wildlife sanctuary has a coverage area of 30 sq. km and owes its attraction to Sindhudurg Fort, black-headed gulls, ducks, waterfowl, plovers, egrets, and terns. The spectacularly rich coastal wildlife is inhabited by sea anemones, pearl oysters, mangrove, mollusks, seaweed, and corals. Malvan trip is a perfect way to fall in love with the sea. The travel guide of Malvan tailored by Tour My India can be an interesting if you are up for a sea-side vacation. Discover the tour in Malvan, which is offered at decent prices and is full of enriching and luxurious experiences.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Malvan

Malvan shall not let your visit go in vain as it is bestowed with various attractions to keep you engaged. A number of must visit places during your trip to Malvan are Sindhudurg Fort, Tsunami Island, PadmaGad, Rajkot, Sarjekot, Rock Garden, Moryacha Dhonda and Jai Ganesh Mandir. However, the best thing to do in Malvan is to relax by the beach and enjoy the quietude for which Kolamb Beach, Tarkarli Beach, Devbaug Beach, and Chivla Beach are ideal.

Where to Stay in Malvan?

Malvan has a number of accommodation options for travellers that range from moderate to budget. One can find 3-star instead of the 5 star properties, however, the feel is almost the same. Since Malvan is gradually budding as a popular holiday destination in Maharashtra, a large number of hotels and beach resorts are in the pipeline.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Malvan

Appealing all sorts of travellers with this scenic and tranquil beaches and uncrowded sightseeing places, Malvan is definitely a destination to visit in Maharashtra. And in order to make your holiday plan in Malvan even better, Tour My India offers well-crafted travel packages that promise to provide you with best in class services with comfortable accommodation and convenient transportation options. We keep in mind all your travel needs and your budget, so that you don’t have to worry at any point of time.

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