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Having a strong association with Hindu myths and legends, Ramtek is an ideal place for a pilgrimage tour in India. This holy town is believed to be one of the halting places for Lord Rama, his brother Laxman and his consort, Sita. Ramtek was also the reigining seat of the Vakatakas, and thus it flourishes with a lot of edifices and beautiful structures. Ramtek is indeed a perfect holiday destination for history lovers as well as the Hindu pilgrims.

An Insight into Ramtek Tourism

Tourism in Ramtek or Ramgiri has gained popularity due to its association with myths, legends and the reign of Vakatakas. It is thereby believed that Lord Rama, along with Sita and Laxman while in exile had halted at Ramtek to take some rest. The place then also sheltered Hindu sages, who were much disturbed by the demons hovering around. Thereby, Lord Rama took a vow to relieve the place from this distress and hence the place takes its name from the incident and is called Ram-tek (vow).

The historical connotation that Ramtek attaches itself with goes back to the 4th -6th century BC where one can also find the architectural remains of Vakataka period. The Yadavas who followed have also constructed edifices here, for instance; Ram-Laxman Temple and Kapur Bawli. These temples are categorised to be of Hemadpanthi in architecture style. The influences of various styles of architecture that ornament Ramtek adds to the beauty and importance of this beautiful place.

Ramtek being spread in the area of 1129 sq. miles consists of lush green hillocks, marvellous lake and breath-taking ancient temples offering

its tourist loads of options to treat their eyes with the picturesque sightseeing places. Some of the tourism places one shouldn’t forget to visit would be firstly, the Rama Temple also known as Ram Dham which is believed to be over 600 years old. Secondly, the Jain temple also addressed as Shantinath Atishaya Kshetra, which is popular among tourists for its beautiful carvings and sculptures. Thirdly, Khindsi Lake which is a naturally formed water body with charming flora and fauna surrounding it. The lake also offers boat rides to its tourists in variety of different shapes of boats. Fourthly, an earth-filled dam named the Ramtek Dam on Sur River with no spillway gates, provides a serene and splendour space for picnics; and lastly the Pench Dam correspondingly called the Kamthikhairy Dam is another earth-filled dam on River Pench situated within the Pench national Park. This large water body is also famous for the huge island that it offers to birdwatchers and photographers.

The place overflows with the air of devotion and tranquillity luring in thousands of tourists and making it one of the most travelled destinations in Maharashtra. Our travel guide will help you understand the place better and according to your interests will assist you in planning your vacation in Ramtek.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Ramtek

Ramtek is dotted with Hindu Temples that are also of historical importance. Thus visiting these temples is one of the things to do here. Apart from, the landscape beauty of the place has been enhanced by the beautiful River Pench, that flows via a Dam here. Visiting this area for relishing nature and birdwatching are other best things to do in Ramtek.

Where to Stay in Ramtek?

Ramtek has a decent accommodation facilities. The place is replete with a number of hotels and resorts that come in different budgets and preferences. In the nearby city of Nagpur one can find more accommodation options along with speciality lodges, rental houses and camps that make a stay here during your holiday even more interesting.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Ramtek

Ramtek makes for the ideal Hindu pilgrimage tour in India. And we at Tour My India are happy to help you plan your religious trip to this sacred place. Select from our wide range of Ramtek holiday packages and not only enjoy your religious tour but relish the nature’s beauty and culture of the place as well.

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