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Famed as the abode of Lord Indra and an important pilgrimage spot in Maharashtra, Amravati is popular as the Land of Immortals. Evidently, the city is thronged by a large number of Hindu devotees but it has also caught eye of the wildlife lovers as it is situated close to Melaghat Wildlife Reserve. Offering a unique combination of spirituality and wildlife thrill, Amravati is indeed a significant place for a holiday in Maharashtra.

An Insight into Amravati Tourism

Amravati is a city located in Maharashtra and it is the eighth largest city in the state of the state It is situated at a height of 1125ft above sea level and is also known as the ‘land of the Immortals’. The city is also famous as the abode of Lord Indra and is a favourite amongst tourists for its temples. The city is the administrative division of the Amravati and also an important pilgrimage spot in Maharashtra.

It used to be the seat of Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, the conference on Marathi literature that is held twice a year. The travel guide to Amravati is filled with historical references for the city. Legend has it that Lord Krishna had used a tunnel from Ambadevi temple to elope with Rukmini from her wedding. It is said that the tunnel is still in existence. Many attempts have been made to search for the tunnel but to no avail.

The pious city is an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus and hence it hosts many important festivals. The festival of Goddess Durga’s conquest over evil is celebrated twice a year as Navratri all over India and is celebrated with grand pomp in the city as well. The festival is celebrated for nine days to worship nine different forms or avataars of the Goddess Durga. There is a fair that is held during these nine days and artisans come to sell their wares.

One can buy handicrafts from different states in the fair or maybe take part in the energetic and mesmerizing colourful Garba or Dandiya dance. Apart from this all the other festivals like Id-ul-Zuha, Makara Sankrati and Deepawali are also celebrated with much enthusiasm in Amravati.

Amravati has a rich history and is an important city both from historical aspects. As per the legend, the city was the abode of Goddess Amba. The shrine of Goddess Amba is a most popular tourist attraction in Amravati. The city also has beautiful temple of Lord Krishna and Shri Venkateswara.

There are other sightseeing places in and around Amravati too. You can take a day trip to Melaghat Tiger Reserve which is a paradise of natural beauty and ideal destination for wildlife tour. You can also visit the two museums situated in Chikaldhara near Amravati or the Hurricane Point which will leave you breathless with its lush greenery and majestic views.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Amravati

Famous as a Hindu pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra, Amravati is offers oodles of sightseeing places and things to do for the visitors. Apart from exploring its numerous temples and religious sites, the city renders an option to relish a rich wildlife in the nearby Melaghat Tiger Reserve. And for the nature lovers, Amravati is a treat to eyes with plenty of places with lush greenery.

Where to Stay in Amravati?

The pleasant experience of being in Amravati enhances with the wide range of accommodation options available in the city. Amravati offers hotels, resorts, guest houses and B&Bs to make your holiday the most comfortable one. Specialty lodging is also available for the visitors that are ideal for low budget staying option.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Amravati

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