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Inarguably one of the famous travel destinations in Maharashtra, Alibaug is blessed with a less frequented placid beach that is adorned by black tinged sand granules and whirling tides. The serenity and scenic views attract a lot of tourists here from Mumbai making it a popular weekend getaway as well. Alibaug is also enthroned with a plethora of sightseeing places that include places of worship and historical sites as well.

An Insight into Alibag Tourism

The dainty town of Alibaug owes its origin to the maritime officer, Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre belonging to the kingdom of Shivaji during the 17th century, who established the place in the district of Raigad.

The headquarter of Raigad district, this coastal town of Alibaug was formerly called as Alichi Bagh, courtesy to the then resident of the place, a rich Israelite named Ali who grew an abundant of coconut and mango orchards here . Home to all the ancient borderlands of the Jews of the Bene Israeli, Alibaug was once the dwelling place of an enchanting watchtower which is now used by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism as a prominent watchtower assisting the global network.

In addition to this, the fort of Alibaug which had been a witness to many prominent battles is now used by the Raigad’s District Administration. The fort is also home to a serene Dargha. The profoundly fortified islands of Underi and Khanderi dates its origin back to the 1660 CE when the great Shivaji erected the forts which later came to be used as the watchtower by him.

From tranquil beaches to sacred temples assuring divine raptures, Alibaug is enthroned with a plethora of sightseeing places. The Korlai Beach in Alibaug boasts of all the heavenly bliss beautified by the alternate tinges of black and white sand granules. Away from the chaos of the cities and towns, Kashid beach, some 49 kms away from Alibaug epitomizes serenity and offers absolute calmness to the mind along with plenitude of water sports for adventurers. The Kanakeshwar Temple on the other hand vaunts of the sacred place dedicated to Lord Shiva on the soaring hills. The peaceful tombs of Balgiri and Mohangiri are also worth visiting here. The Jambhali Plateau and Nagoba Rest urge the tourist to pay visit and are some of the prominent tourism places in Alibaug.

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Alibag

A quiet and scenic beach is the prime attraction in Alibaug. Mostly chosen as a weekend getaway or a short vacation destination in Maharashtra, Alibaug offers a perfect setting for any beach lover. Surrounded by spectacular landscape and romantic ambience, this beach destination also offers several watersports, historical sites and comfortable resorts to cherish an unforgettable experience here.

Where to Stay in Alibag?

Count Alibaug as one of the best places for holiday in Maharashtra when it comes to accommodation. Dotted with hotels, resorts eco-resorts and guest houses, Alibaug promises a memorable vacation at a beach getaway that is unparalleled.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Alibag

Whether a beach holiday is in your mind or a honeymoon tour is what you have to plan, Alibaug makes a wonderful destination for every kind of holiday. Book with us to double the fun of your vacation in Alibaug as we offer most suitable travel packages that are budget-friendly and tailor-made to cater to different needs of the traveller.

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