Adventure Tourism in Maharastra

Bestowed with the presence of breathtaking ethereal mountains, chattering river streams covering the major land of the state and ferocious tides that rise and fall of the wind-driven sea, Maharashtra tourism has a bucket-load of exciting activities & holiday destinations for the adventure lovers. Whether the tourists is surfing veteran looking for a challenging tides or trekker who delights to walk on the vast network on the lush green landscapes, a great deal of activities available here for adventure holiday.

In this part of India, adventurers of different interest and hobbies can suit themselves. In fact to up the standards of the adventure tourism quotient in India, Maharashtra Tourism even provides a tour to two operational coal mines—Saoner underground mine and Gondegaon open cast mine; which helps tourists understand the sophisticated mining methods and machinery.

Since the state shares its boundaries with the Arabian sea, obviously here one can find wholesome of water sports activities like paragliding, snorkeling, parasailing, and kayaking that will undoubtedly fall in love with the sea.

If not a water baby, when on an adventure tour in Maharashtra, do sign up for thrilling waterfall jumping and rappelling; a delightful treat for those who love to live their lives closer to the edge. Even the fearless souls who love to spread their wings, fly and touch the sky,

would love Maharashtra as it is blessed with the presence of Sahyadri ridges that are best suited for activities like gliding; and for the faint-hearted people, there are ropeway rides.

For those proud of their marathon records, they can show their actual endurance level by going for trekking at some of the beautiful treks of Maharashtra (like). To further add a little thrill to the adventure vacation, one can sign up for a white water rafting over river Kundalika, near the western ghats.

The ever so beautiful Maharashtra is not only the encampment for the thrill seekers but also the people who love to enjoy slow paced and not so blood-curdling adventures adventure. Here, the definition of adventure activities is not all about rip-roaring and nerve clinching experiences or anything scary. For the quite form of an adventure holiday, tourists can indulge in camping to experience Maharashtra's true flavours; the lovers of history and rover can unfold the dark and daunting caves and even enjoy a smooth hot air ride in the clouds at a height of 40,000 feet.

Apparently, with such beautiful landscapes, and oceans, the sense of adventure prevails in Maharashtra. From rafting to caving to paragliding, here one can find every kind of activities that keeps one on their toes and leave their hearts filled with thrill and elation.

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