Dhodap Fort Maharashtra

Dhodap fort is a mountain top fort situated in Kalwan in taluk in Nasik of Maharshtra. It is a famous tourist attraction in this site and the second highest mountain fort in the Sahyadri ranges. It is the third highest peak in Maharashtra. The upper section of the fort is built with brick and dressed stone. There is an idol of Hanuman inside the fort and there are caves at the base of the fort. There is one side of the structure of the fort which is domical. There is also a trunk in the cave which is in a good condition at present. It is a good spot for trekkers.

History of the Attraction

According to historical sources, this fort played an important role during the Peshwa period. The historical battle of Dindori was fought in this fort. It is also said that Raghobadada Peshawa hatched a plot in this fort.

Getting There

This heritage fort is situated quite close to Mumbai, and can be reached within 6/7 hours. There can be two village bases from where you can undertake a trek to the fort Hatti and Vadala. From the Hatti village it takes about 3 hours to trek to the fort.

Things to do in and around

If you are planning for an adventure Maharashtra tour, this is a good destination for you. Apart from the fort there are other places to visit like Skembi cliff and Ikhara cliff. For sightseeing purposes, there is a temple inside the fort.

Dhodap Fort in Maharashtra

Best time to Visit

If you are planning your holidays in this area in the winter, make sure you get ample warm clothes, and blankets if you are camping. The place can be difficult to reach during the monsoon as tourism in the mountainous region becomes difficult with slippery slopes.

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