Sangram Durg Maharashtra

The Sangram Durg in Maharashtra is a tourist attraction which is often visited by the travelers on their holidays in the state. It is a land fort which is popularly called the Chakan Fort as it is located in the Chakan village near Pune. At the entrance of the fort there is a huge cannon which had been used in several wars in earlier days. The fort has a main bastion where you will find a Grinding wheel and some fortifications on the walls of the fort. Then there is a hidden tunnel which is also called the Bhuyar which was used for a secret escape during wars. The visitors should be taking a travel guide with them to view these places of the fort as the surrounding is full of vegetations. The walls of the fort are still very strong and powerful and the name suggests the fort is a symbol of determination and courage. The beauty of the fort is maintained by several renovations undertaken by the government. Enjoy your Maharashtra tour by planning a small trek to this fort which has strategic importance in our nation.

History of the Attraction

The Sangram Fort was once under the command of Firangoji Narsala who was the commander of the Maratha army. When the durg was attacked by the Mughal army, Narsala fought against them and saved the fort from being captured by the enemies. Later on the Mughal army was again tried to capture the fort by entering from the tunnel. This was a huge setback for the Maratha army and many soldiers were killed. But Shayesta Khan the Mughal chief was so pleased by the bravery of Firangoji Narsala that he allowed him and his men a safe passage from the fort. Since then the fort has been recorded in the pages of Indian history and continues to be a heritage of our country.

Getting There

The Chakan fort or the Sangram durg can easily be reached from Pune by hiring taxis or buses. The city of Pune is very well connected to all the metro cities of our country and also to the foreign countries via airways and railways.

Opening/ Closing Timings and Days

No specific time to visit the destination.

Things to do in and around

The other places to visit in the Sangram durg is the Sri Chakreshwar Temple where you will get to see the Varah Avatar of Lord Vishnu made in stone carvings.

Best time to Visit

Tourism to this place is best enjoyed in the months of September to March when the climate is ideal for sightseeing.

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