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A rustic ruined fort, Sinhagad was once a strong kingdom of Maratha leader, Shivaji. Although in ruins today, this fort offers travellers a glimpse of the history of the Maratha Empire. Apart from the history, the uninterrupted panoramic view of the landscape amidst which the fort is situated is worth mentioning.

An Insight into Sinhagad Tourism

Formerly known as Kondhana, Sinhagad is basically a fortress that stands strong in the southwestern part of Pune and is an important travel destination in Maharashtra that provided support back in the ancient days during the battles. Witness of many historic battles, the place played host to the important Sinhagad battle in the year 1671. The secluded crag in the range of Bhuleshwar owned by the great Sahaydris, is home to the ancient fortress of Sinhagad that was built on the elevated range of 1,312m above sea level and is naturally protected by its very own breakneck slopes. Possessing two gateways- one in the north eastern part and the other in the south eastern part: Pune Darwaza and Kalyan Darwaza respectively, Singhad dates back to some 1000 years, if at all the carvings on the temple of Kaundinyeshwar are to be believed. Safe-keeper of all the monoliths belonging to the historic legends like Rajaram- the youngest son of Shivaji, Tanaji Malusare, Sinhagad was said to have been topped by the bungalow of Lokmanya Tilak, the famed freedom fighter back in the 20th century. Though left as remnants, Sinhagad is still frequented for the variety of sightseeing places it has to offer. Rajaram’s tomb and the monoliths of Tanaji to begin with are the two worthwhile visits, besides the military depot, breweries;

the Kali Temple and Hanuman effigy is the gem of the places that could be preserved from the ancient days. This less frequented fortress of Sinhagad is blessed with plenitude of tourist attractions. The ISKCON Temple, a few kilometres away from the historical hub assures absolute bliss and placidity upon its visit. Panshet Dam that boasts of being the oldest, witnesses scads of people during the weekends, the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park next is an absolutely must visit for all the children. Teeming with wildlife, the place is sure to get all your love. Brimming with vibrancy mainly during the winters, Neelkantheshwar earns all the brownie points for the regnant of soothingness in the air besides the intricate carvings elaborating epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Tour My India helps you with all the efficacious visits that fall under the tourism of Sinhagad besides a facile trip. With experience spanning more than a decade, we take care of all the hassles bothering your plans for the trip by getting your hands on the all-inclusive travel guide that is sure to win your heart. Travel guide that helps you with the best deals, discounts and offers on hotel bookings make you earn all the satisfaction in the world. So, plan your trip to Sinhagad with Tour My India to make it memorable.

Where to Stay in Sinhagad?

Sinhagad Fort is located in close proximity to Pune, where you can find several hotels and resorts. From luxury to moderate to budget staying options, the city has it all. One can also find backpackers’ hostels, homestays and B&B Inns ithat are affordable in prices but offer excellent staying experience in Pune.

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