Lakes in Maharastra

Maharashtra is blessed with nature's bounty! From Nagpur to Nashik to Kolhapur, all the corners of the state are sprinkled with mountains, open skies, lakes, and wildlife, in all their purity. There are many places to visit on a sightseeing tour to Maharashtra, but it's the lakes that catch the attention of tourists the most. There are multiple types of lakes in Maharashtra owing to its charisma to climate; some are grass lined while others are massive freshwater expanse.

If there ever will be a prize for a perfect lake city than Thane, a small town located approximately 35 kilometers from Mumbai, would surely win hands-down. In Thane, one can find approximately 35 water bodies and the most famous amongst them are Masunda and the Upvan. Also on a lake vacation to Maharashtra, one can also visit the Nagpur, which features approximately 11 lakes.

Shukrawari Lake, Ambazari Lake, Gorewada Lake, and Futala Lake in Nagpur are hit amongst the travelers not because of their serenity but for the fun activities that are available for the people of all age group.

Although one can find many lakes in Maharashtra, the real scene-stealers is Lonar Lake in Buldana district. Created due to meteor impact, Lonar lake is world's only salt water lake in basaltic rock. If travelers idea of a perfect vacation includes lazing around the lake and perhaps enjoying a boat ride than they can visit Shakkar Lake (Chikhaldara), Yashwant Lake (Toranmal), and Venna lake (Mahabaleshwar), and Powai Lake (Mumbai). A favorite with both locals and tourists, these lakes provides a perfect ambiance for a lake vacation.

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