Cuisine of Maharastra

Maharashtra’s diverse topography has endowed it with a varied culinary heritage. So hopping from one part of the state to another can promise you a gastronomic extravaganza and an ideal culinary getaway. The difference in the taste of the food of Maharashtra is drastic, however, there are few common ingredients in popular Maharashtrian dishes like that of Kairi (Raw Mango) and Kokum (Coconut). The coastal belt of Maharashtra delights food lovers with variety of fish curries coupled with rice; while the eastern side (Vidarbha) of the state treats one’s taste buds with popular recipes of spicy mutton curries. The food also see a variation when one reaches the Deccan Plateau region of the state. On every occasion and festival in Maharashtra, food plays an important role,

which translates to the fact that no celebration is complete without a set of home prepared feast. The Diwali Pharal is amongst the most popular festival feast which is believed to brighten up the festive mood. Pharal is a mix of savouries and sweets. There is also an addition in the dishes as the season changes, in summer, a variety of drinks and food are prepared that have a cooling effect, whereas, in monsoon, several crispy delicacies are made that add to the goodness of soothing rainfall. In winters, there are prepared a lot of rich sesame and jaggery based sweets, making this cozy season even more delightful. Apart from this, Ladoos and Pickles are seen as an integral part of Maharashtrian cuisine.

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