Museums in Maharashtra

People travel to Maharashtra for adventure, business and peace, but there is one category of travellers, called the history buffs, who have constantly been coming to the state to find an enriching experience and find some solace in the museum. Maharashtra has witnessed the rule of many leaders, and rulers; evidently here one can find many museums that are still their voices, even after so many years of their rule out. A visit to the long-established museums can be a great way to know about art and traditions and even offer eye-opening insights into Maharashtra’s artistic heritage.

With so many things to see that recalls thousands of years of Indian history and creativity, these museums are visited by people of varied interest. They have even caught the attention of many numismatics as the state has three out of four coin museums of India. At the Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute (Mumbai University), Indian Institute for Research in Numismatic Studies Museum (Nasik), and RBI Monetary Museum (Mumbai), numismatics can see how the Indian currency has made headway and evolved over many years, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of money. If the travellers have a curiosity to know about the royal personage of ancient India and their way of life, then they should visit the Central Museum at Nagpur and New Palace Museum in Kolhapur.

Reckoned as one of the oldest museums in India, Central Museum in Nagpur exhibits archaeological artefacts, handicrafts and articles from the ancient India. Also, this museum has seized the attention of many botanist and ecologist as its noteworthy collection of plants. History lovers can also visit the Dinkar Kelkar Museum (Pune), Prince of Wales Museum (Mumbai), Chhatrapati Museum (Kolhapur), and Mani Bhavan Museum (Mumbai).

Little is to wonder that the art of Maharashtra, especially its tribal paintings, are quite reputed in the world. And the best places to see such insightful and exquisite art has to be Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai) and Town Hall Museum (Kolhapur). The history and history buffs are not the only ones who love the museums of Maharashtra, but kids enjoy their trips too. Children of all ages love to visit the National Maritime Museum and Taraporewala Aquarium as here they can see the vibrant coastal life.

From aquarium to art galleries to heritage centres to science, there are multiple museums in Maharashtra that guarantees to entertain and educate all at once. All those who wish to peek into the history, culture, and traditions, make a point to visit the museums of Maharashtra.

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