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Home to ancient and spectacular Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Aurangabad is the perfect city to cherish the rich history of Maharashta. The city’s winsome land is also dotted with palaces, tombs, and parks, making it a must visit tourist spot for history and architecture buffs. Aurangabad also boasts an opulent collection of handicraft items and metal goods that make excellent souvenirs to carry back home.

An Insight into Aurangabad Tourism

Aurangabad is a popular destination to visit during your Maharashtra tours. This tourism capital of Maharashtra was once known as the capital of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and that's how the city got its name 'Aurangabad.' Noted to be the largest city in Northern Maharashtra it was founded in the year 1610 by Malik Ambar who was the prime minister of the Nizam Shahi rulers of Ahmednagar. Some of the major tourist attractions this place offers are Kailash Temple, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Ajanta Caves, Panchakki and Shuli Bhanjan. The iconic names or attractions that play as a major crowd puller are the Ajanta and Ellora caves which are declared as a ‘World Heritage Sites’ by UNESCO. Aurangabad is one of the best travel destinations in Maharashtra and this place has many prime tourist places and must-see tourist attractions. There are about 30 Buddhist caves in Ajanta dating back to 2nd century BCE to 6th century CE. Dotted with superb sculpture and paintings along with narrative murals on Buddhist themes, Ajanta happens to be the prime tourist hotspot. The Ellora caves, on the other hand, are as old as 1,500 years.

Another tourist site amongst many more sightseeing places is Bibi ka Maqbara. Aurangabad is one of the fastest growing cities in Maharashtra, and also a major industrial hub. This city is well connected to the metropolitans by excellent rail, road, and airways. During Aurangabad tours, you can visit other excursion points like Khultabad, Pitalkhora, Paithan, Daulatabad and Shirdi. You can also catch a glimpse of the Grishneshwar Mandir, which is located about 30 kilometres from Aurangabad. With one of the 12 ‘jyotirlingas’ of Lord Shiva in India this temple’s restoration was done by Chhatrapati in early 17th century.Tourism in Aurangabad has seen good times ever since the city started to nourish its heritage, lifestyle, and ethics, thereby welcoming the tourists with a generous gamut of hospitality. You can also pay reverence at the shrines of many saints like Shaikh Burham-ud-din Gharib and Zain-ud-din Chishti. Aurangzeb Tomb stands upright at the southeast corner of the Zain-ud-din complex. Other places to visit in this city are Panchakki (17th-century water mill), Siddharth Garden and Zoo, Daulatabad Fort and Gateways.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Aurangabad

A tour in Maharashtra is incomplete without a visit to Aurangabad. This major tourism place has many interesting sightseeing attractions like the replica of the famous Taj Mahal, Bibi ka Maqbara. Other landmarks you can visit are the Panchakki, a 17th-century water mill; Daulatabad Fort; Siddharth Garden; and Aurangabad Zoo. However, the two major highlights of Aurangabad tourism are the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the famed rock-cut caves that are also recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Where to Stay in Aurangabad?

Aurangabad is surrounded by rich cultural history and many places to visit, thus, making it a perfect destination for family holidays and honeymooners. It is a touristy place with a number of well-maintained hotels ranging from moderate to budget. Aurangabad also has a number of luxurious resorts with spa and pool facilities for those wanting to have a rejuvenating vacation. Apart from this, lodges, guesthouses and B&B Inns are also available for the tourists visiting the city.

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Best Deals & Holiday Packages for Aurangabad

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