Caves in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has an extraordinary and deep-rooted history that is ultimately tied to its geography. Some of these living heritages can be seen in the form of the monuments, while other deep, dark and mysterious secrets are unearthed in caves. Only in Maharashtra, one can find around 800 large, small and some concealed within the hills Buddhist caves. Its seems like there is a whole new world to explore beneath the surface. Mostly caves in Maharashtra are waiting for some attention and still unmapped, thus giving rise to a new adventure sport called caving.

While spelunking your way through lost era passage of rites, one can see the influence of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain pilgrims in their art and architecture. Ajanta and Ellora caves are some of the must stunning caves in Maharashtra. Dating back to 5th - 6th century CE, in the sculptures of these world heritage caves one can see how Buddhist architecture has evolved over centuries. Elephanta caves, which is 11 km from Mumbai is proudly designated as the UNESCO world heritage site. For the better understanding and exploration of the Buddhism,

One can further visit the Kanheri caves, eloped in the lush green hills in the outskirts of Mumbai. And when it comes to beautiful sculptures, one can also visit 8th century Pitalkhora caves. Bearing a strong resemblance to the Ellora temples, Pataleshwar Cave temple in Pune features beautiful sculptures of Hindu gods.

Cavers from around the world when in search of uncharted territory often land in the famous ancient caves in Karli. Featuring the oldest examples of early Buddhist art, these rock-cut caves date back to 200 BC. When it comes to Buddhist architecture, Bhaja Caves in Pune is a must visit. In Bhaja caves, one can find 18 caves belonging to Hinayana phase of Buddhism dating back to the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century AD.

From rock cut to the one containing sculptures, there have been many caves in Maharashtra since the times immortal. Those who wish to explore these fasniating archeological legacies, do take a tour to Maharashtra,

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