India Houses the 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations to Cherish Love

India Houses the 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations to Cherish Love
Last Updated: September 26, 2019

In India mostly, people believe that to have an amazing honeymoon, one has to travel to another country. Well to put a rest to this myth, I would like to tell you that India offers so much which will make you forget your foreign trip. Having a relaxing honeymoon is very important and having the most apt location for the honeymoon is important than that! While on your honeymoon you need some private time – time to relax, be free from all that is unnecessary and you can’t have that if you visit a crowded place, so I have tried to bring to you the 20 best honeymoon destinations in India which will give you the choice and also the time to explore the beauty of the country. To know more, read further.

1. Goa


Goa truly depicts the beauty of nature with its amazing beaches and the architectural grandeurs. The sight of Goa is filled with people who are just enjoying their own time or enjoying the gorgeous sunsets or even riding around on the rental bikes. The place not only promotes the commercial beaches or the crowded nightclubs but also have those quiet places or resorts to enjoy your romantic moments. Every romantic couple needs the time to be spent alone, so you can take long walks on beaches in the moonlight or have romantic dinners or go scuba diving or just relax and gaze at the sunsets.

2. Andaman


Frankly speaking I think Andaman Island is the perfect destination in India for spending relaxing time with your loved ones. The beautiful natural surroundings and the scenic view of the ocean is breathtaking. The place is the where the couple can have a romantic, candle-lit dinner under the stars also the couples who are more into adventures can try snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing and other water sports. The place definitely offers something or the other for every kind of couple. Try visiting Andaman Island while planning your honeymoon.

3. Agra


Famous for the symbol of love-Taj Mahal, Agra is the other destination in the list. Why would one not fall in love when the city is filled with so much to see but the prime reason that the newlyweds choose Agra as their honeymoon destination is of course witnessing Taj Mahal. Many newlyweds find the Taj as the best place to spend their honeymoon time. The city also offers great hospitality with luxurious hotels and resorts along with great food options and major attractions to be visited like Red fort or the Handloom Market.

4. Udaipur


Udaipur defines romance in a royal way. We all know that Udaipur is the city of lakes but why is this the best destination for honeymooning is because this lake city surely makes anyone fall in love. The beauty of the city is defined as the most extreme one and experiencing it on your honeymoon is the perfect choice. Exploring the places in Udaipur like City palace, Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat, Bagore ki Haveli and the other tourist attractions with your loved one, is something one would relish to the maximum. Every romantic couple loves to have romantic dinners, and Udaipur has some more than perfect places with amazing views for them.

5. Gulmarg


Srinagar and Jammu and Kashmir have been the famous honeymoon destination but the state has to offer more than that. It has a place called Gulmarg which is the hot-shot destination for spending your honeymooning period in the best weather and at the best location. The place, when visited in winters, would give the couples the snow-covered mountains and meadows making it look quite surreal. There is something so romantic about Gulmarg, where it is cold and charming. While exploring the town, the couple can indulge in some adventure sports or be kids again and play in snow. The couple would surely love to relish their memories of this place and the various adventures they had during the trip to one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

6. Lakshadweep


The scenic view of those turquoise waters contrasting with the beautiful beaches on these islands, Lakshadweep is the perfect getaway for enjoying the honeymoon period. The time moves slow and the world stops when you are in one of the most romantic destinations of the world. A couple can enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or go on water adventures like pedal-boating, kayaking, swimming. Also to enjoy the best of the islands, the couple would like to enjoy going on long, romantic walks on the reefs.

7. Jodhpur


Delving in the beauty of Jodhpur, the couples can enjoy the company of each other in this Blue City. The blue houses, the majestic fort and the undeniable royal feeling in the air is what has been the attracting factor for tourists in Jodhpur. Every year the city witnesses a huge tourist crowd which include the newlyweds amongst others. The sites to see in Jodhpur are best for getting those perfect shots. Visiting those famous locations like Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace or even going on a shopping spree in this destination in Rajasthan have a different feel when you do these things with your partner.

8. Kodaikanal


Located at the elevation of 7000 feet, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a peaceful place to visit on your honeymoon. The sound of waterfalls or paying a visit to the mountains covered in greenery, makes this destination the perfect getaway for relishing the honeymoon period. Also the city adorns few worth-visit locations like Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal Lake, Golf Course and Palani Hills. Fall in love with the place and fall deeper in love with your partner while being in the most serene destination of India. The place offers some affordable accommodations ranging from being budget- friendly to 3-star hotels.

9. Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer is that city which takes most of us back to the moment where Sridevi danced to the famous song ‘Morni Baga Mein’ from Lamhe while Anil Kapoor adored her. This actually made me think that date nights at this ethereal destination could be this creative and romantic and I think who doesn’t want a date night different from others? Right? So, I just want you to have a romantic time with your loved one in beautiful Jaisalmer and enjoy the best of the Golden city. The newlyweds could enjoy the beauty of the desert with camel rides or could simply explore the majestic forts of the city. Jaisalmer is like a dream that seems to be straight out of an Arabian night and enjoying a romantic holiday together is what counts the most.

10. Haflong


A place in India which seems to never be dry ever and that is what has been the secret of its evergreen beauty. Haflong is a city in Assam where people visit just to get away from the rushing life of the city and spend time with loved ones. The place is known as the White Ant Hillock and offers an insight of the natural beauty along with the rich heritage. The place is a home to some gorgeous hills where one could enjoy adventures like trekking or simply the view from the hilltop. Other attractions of this destination are Haflong Lake, Jatinga, Maibong, Orchid Garden and the Borail Range.

11. Kovalam


Experience the real taste of tranquility in the popular destination of Chennai known for its resort kind of appearance- Kovalam. The place is famous for the ayurvedic massages that help one let go all the tension which is present in body and mind. Romance could be felt in the air of Kovalam and to enjoy the moments, you could binge on the mouth-watering seafood or go on swimming in the shallow waters or stay at the hotels which have a view of the sea and also provide the best room services. The location is quite close to Mahabalipuram and you could extend your trip by visiting here.

12. Pondicherry


India has its own version of France and its none other than Pondicherry or Puducherry. Pondicherry is the place where one could feel the essence of France in the aura, so why would someone not want to be there? The city is where one could fall in love and have the perfect locations to celebrate it. It flourishes with cafes, restaurants but the culture and heritage are also vividly seen. The houses have that French touch, the cuisine is also inspired by the French, and the huge celebration of love in this style is special there and thus,  I think it is the perfect location for the people in love. Apart from the cafes and restaurants, the couples could also visit places like Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Bharathi Park, Botanical Garden and the other popular tourist attractions of Pondicherry.

13. Coorg


To have a rejuvenating experience, you should visit Coorg. Located in Karnataka, this destination is ideal for experiencing a romantic time. The calm and soothing climate of this place compliments the lush green mountains which, when seen together, look like the perfect destination for romance. The location provides some amazing accommodation facilities and are budget-friendly. The popular sightseeing locations of Coorg are Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwar Temple, Bhagamandala, Abbi Falls and many other.

14. Kumarakom


Wedding includes a lot of time, work and stress but yet is somehow one of the best things in one’s life. But after the wedding, you obviously want to get away from all the loud music, running from end to the other, and you find a solution by booking a peaceful place in India. Well, I have a place which is: A) tranquil B) extensive and C) mesmerizing. Kumarakom is the destination in Kerala where one could actually find some peace and for the newlywed, some relaxing cozy time. Experience the best of this place by hiring a boat and enjoy the silent backwaters. Also visit the lagoons for having a unique memory of your trip to this exquisite destination in India.

15. Munnar


Munnar is that destination which reminds one of the paintings we used to draw of green rolling mountains and sun rising in school. The beauty of the place is still cannot be described in words and that is why it is the most preferred destination of honeymooners. The place in Kerala flourishes with tea plantations and spending time with your loved one in this type of surroundings is a bliss if you are a tea-loving couple. Enjoy the serene view of the natural beauty and be in love. Budget-friendly accommodations and great service is the plus point for your honeymoon trip in Munnar. While exploring the hills might become tedious, you can also visit locations like Nyayamakad, Pallivasal, Devi Kulam, Love Heart Gap and many other popular tourist destinations.

16. Daman


Though Daman is a popular tourist destination but visiting there on a honeymoon can be quite interesting. The fact that the place is not much talked about doesn’t disturb the serendipity of the place. Every beach lover should visit the destination once, because the place has the perfect natural decoration for getting your photograph clicked. Also the place has the calm environment which helps one relax its mind and body. While you are in the city, you might get to experience the music of the place, the culture and heritage of Daman can be seen vividly. Daman Fort and Saint Cathedral are amongst the must visit locations while you are in Daman. The beautiful coastline will make you fall in love with place and you might consider staying there for a little longer, So I suggest keep extra clothes for that extended trip of yours!

17. Wayanad


The beautiful city of Wayanad in Kerala is the new hotshot honeymoon destination in India. The location offers the most romantic destination with the cozy environment in support. The amazing facilities of 3 and 4-star hotels, homestays and resorts have always influenced the honeymooners to visit here. The State Government and the private sector has well managed the beauty of the place. You could see how modernisation has not disturbed the nature in Wayanad but has added to its assets. The destination provides the couple the most serene and a picturesque view which is perfect for capturing your precious moments in camera.

18. Tawang


The sacred town of Mahayana Buddhism, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has nowadays topped the list of famous honeymoon destinations of India. The mesmerising beauty including the alpine mountains, high-falling waterfalls and the contrasting blue sky make this destination an ethereal one. Besides being the top choice for honeymooners, this place is a popular tourist destination. The coupe could visit places like Gorsam Stupa, Taktsang Gompa, Zimithang and many more other popular locations in Tawang.

19. Leh


A place which can be described in just two words- incredibly beautiful, Leh  is a paradise for adventure lovers and the ride starts from the moment you step in. The city is best explored on bikes and to enjoy your romantic time what better option one could ask for. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the place with its gorgeous landscapes, adventurous roads and the monasteries. The place serves as the perfect honeymoon location for those adventure loving couples. Its picturesque appearance makes it the perfect location for having those beautiful pictures of your honeymoon.

20. Shillong


Spending your honeymoon in the North-East of India has something magical about it. To be amongst the clouds and being surrounded by mountains act as a romantic factor for your honeymoon and what better place than Shillong to find the perfect setting. Shillong in Meghalaya is known for its tranquil environment and beautiful waterfalls with romance in the air. If your partner is a fan of adventure, try taking him/her for admiring and exploring the caves or you could go on a hiking expedition. Experience the best of your honeymoon in this wonderland.

To be with someone who understands how rare you are is a blessing and spending time with them is as important as where you are spending that time, so with the list above, I tried to mention the best 20 honeymoon destinations in India. For travelling there try the amazing honeymoon packages that Tour My India provides. To know more call us at +919212553106 or write us at and have a happy honeymooning.

Published: 11 Oct, 2018
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