Look beyond what is visible and the spectacular unexpectedly unfurls. Come to this small yet enchanting hill town of Tamil Nadu.

A yellow-base board with 'Coonoor' written in black using Tamil and English as the language of communication tells tourists that that they have finally arrived in a very popular hill destination of Nilgiris. Popular for its green slopes of tea plantations, leaves laden with morning dew ready to be taken away to the tea packaging units, Coonoor hill station works its way with tourists like magic.

Legendary Nilgiris, home to some of the most beautiful places in southern part of India is also home to Coonoor situated some 1850 m above sea level. Its attractiveness could be understood by the fact that it is connected with all the major places of south and thus easy to reach. Since the day of 19th century when this place was discovered by the British only a small distance away from Ooty- their summer retreat, the string of visitors here never seem to lessen caught in the enchanting glory of this hill enchantress.

Top Tourist Attractions in Coonoor

The moist breeze of the misty hills tingles the nerves and tickles the senses. It is no surprise that goose bumps amaze and distract at the same time while engrossed in the flavors of this very place and that includes the sights. Following is a list one could consult to-

Thandu Mariamman Temple

Believed to be 500 years old, the temple premises has a telegraph post put by British which is also offered aarti. Swayambumurthy is the prime deity of the temple who is believed to be protecting Coonoor from scarcity of rain.

St. George Church

In 1826, this speck of British past came into existence which stands even today for the tourists to be admired. Its architecture inspires many novices in the profession.

Dolphin Nose View Point

Any protruding outside the level is bound to give great views, which is case with this place as well. Absolutely fantastic views of Catherine falls as well as the Nilgiris are sure to fill mind with numerous literary and artistically creative ideas.

Lamb's Rock

Uniquely crafted for viewing the glory of Nature alongside plantations of Tea and Coffee reminiscent of taste of morning, this place is around 5 and half kilometers while heading towards Dolphin Nose View Point.

Law's Falls

These falls are found on the way to Mettupalayam, 5 Km from Coonoor. The way water jump over stones is mesmerizing.

Katary Falls

These falls are known to utilize hydro-energy for 1000 KW electricity generation, near Selas.

Pomological Station

A research institution for fruits like lemons, apple, apricot, plums, peach and pomegranates is placed on the road to Mettupalayam Ghat.

The Droog

This tourist attraction finds its association with the Mahabharata in its other name- Bakasura Malai (Bakasura was the demon destroyed by Bheema- one of the five Pandavas).

St. Catherine Falls

From 250, the fall of water is ever so glorious. One of the viewing points is Dolphin's Nose as already indicated.

Lady Canning's Seat

Another vantage point which can give others a competition of sorts, this place is named after the wife of then British Viceroy of India. Some 9 Km away from the Coonoor, it is a charm to be bounded in.

Hidden Valley

This valley surrounds Coonoor, which could be accessed only by trekking. Wish of hiking in natural vistas could be easily fulfilled here while trying to explore some hidden water streams or some unseen bird, etc.

Sim's Park

Year 1874 saw a deep ravine in Coonoor Valley transformed into a marvelous place of experimenting beauty of Nature with native as well as foreign flora by Mr. J. D. Sims and Major Murray. This makes it a magnetic place where tourists seem to be drawn like magic.

Wellington Golf Course

Well known for film making and song shooting, the golf course can be a great way to pass time on a cool morning of Coonoor.

Silk Rearing Station

Coonoor is known for its silk production which could be witnessed here, just as the education is imparted to its students.

Guernsery Tea Factory

The cup of tea with which mornings take a refreshing start comes finds its origin in a place like this. Here, tourists get a chance to know more about it.

Other Must Vist Places around Coonoor


Only 19 Km away from Coonoor, the hill station is gem in the Nilgiri Range. People often combine Ooty with Coonoor travel package for the maximum fun and optimization of time...Read More


Also known by the other name Kovai, the city is the second largest one in the state of Tamil Nadu, only 54 Km away from Coonoor. It is a renowned place with numerous option of tourism.


A small human settlement, this tiny village is waiting to be noticed by the keen exploring eyes and relish its natural spell.

Coonoor Hotels Information

The wafting aroma from the cup of tea is soul reaching, especially when it is served hot in bed. This kind of service could be expected in any good hotel. The choices include The Blossoms Guests House, Bella Vista, Hotel Blue Hills, The Gateway Hotel, Hotel Bison County, De Rock - Jungle Living, Riga Residency, Hotel Orange Mist and Hotel Vivek.

It is better to get accommodations arranged before setting foot there, especially when the seasons are peak and visitors from every corner of India and abroad come to visit the place.

Best Time to Visit Coonoor

The place is inviting throughout the year. Depending upon the personal inclination towards particular season, tourists can opt the time of the year to make a visit to Coonoor.

How to Reach Coonoor?



Nearest is located in Peelamdeu Airport in Coimbatore which links to cities like Bangalore and Chennai.



Coimbatore again serves as main railway station but Nilgiri Mountain Railways connects Coonoor to Ooty and Mettupalayam.



Most of the cities are connected with Coimbatore from where route to Coonoor is pretty scenic and can be enjoyed!

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