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Kasauli Travel Guide

A quaint town, Kasauli is an attractive mix of picturesque hiking trails, snow-clad mountains and lush landscape. This colonial era hill station in Himachal is a hiker’s paradise and nature lover's nest that is adorned with the unrivalled charm of its majestic Himalayan vistas. Enveloped with utmost peace, it makes for one of the best holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

An Insight into Kasauli Tourism

Nestled in the lap of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, Kasauli is an ideal destination for those looking to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Once a favourite summer retreat of the British, Kasauli boasts some of the most exquisitely designed colonial era architectural marvels. Adorned with foggy lanes, cobbled roads, beautifully designed avenues and blooming gardens, Kasauli will delight you at its every corner with its old-fashioned ambience. Being the birthplace of Ruskin Bond, Kasauli is the dream destination for readers and writers who can find tons of inspiration amidst its pristine beauty and peaceful ambience.

Considered the resting place of Lord Hanuman during his search for medicines for Lakshmana according to the Indian epic Ramayana, Kasauli is also a place of immense religious significance. Travel to the highest point of Kasauli, the Manki Point or the Monkey Point, as it is popularly called and treat your eyes to the spectacular sights of the entire valley, the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the pristine Sutlej River flowing below. This town in Himachal is also home to the holy Krishna Bhavan Mandir, a popular pilgrim spot for Hindus built in the year 1926. This popular temple resembles a church and is considered an architectural marvel. Another famous temple and sightseeing spot of Kasauli is the Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple, dedicated to the local deity of this region. The locals believe that a visit to this holy temple will grant them their wishes of having children.

One of the top tourist attractions of Kasauli is the colonial era Christ Church. Built by the British in 1853, this historic monument is famous for its stained glass windows, marvelous neo-gothic architecture and serene environment. Home to the legendary Gurkha Fort, Kasuali is also a delightful destination for history buffs. Established in 1900 AD by a Gurkha chief in their war against the British Army, the Gurkha Fort today serves as a symbol of the courage and valour of the Gurkhas.

Kasauli is an ideal destination for hiking. The amazing Gilbert trail which originates from this place has rich flora and fauna making it a nature lover’s paradise. If you want to enjoy the old-world charm of this place, then look no further than the Mall Road. Home to a number of cafes, restaurants, bookstores and the famous Kasauli Club, the Mall Road offers tourists a peek into the history and culture of this region. A visit to the Kasauli Brewery to unwind yourself with the delicious beverages of this old and ancient establishment, is recommended. Situated at the end of the upper mall road, the sunset point is a popular sightseeing spot in Kasauli. A photographer’s delight, the sunset point offers captivating views of the sun setting behind the rolling hills of the Himalayas.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Kasauli

With its blissful trekking routes, ancient temples and churches, a bustling Mall Road, the awe-inspiring Gurkha fort along with a rich colonial heritage, Kasauli promises a number of places to see and things to do. A haven for nature lovers and hikers, this small town will engulf you in its rustic charm and offer unforgettable memories.

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Best Hotels and Resorts for Holidaying in Kasauli

A popular tourist destination in the Himachal, Kasauli boasts a plethora of decent and luxurious accommodation options along with a number of budget hotels and homestays. A perfect getaway for family vacationers and honeymooners, Kasauli has a number of hotels and resorts to provide you with a comfortable and peaceful holiday.

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