Pattadakal Hampi Karnataka

Tag : Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site

Built in : Later half of the 14th Century

Year of Inscription : 1986

Reasons for Inscription : The Group of monuments at Hampi was enlisted in World Heritage Sites under criteria no. (i), (iii) and (iv). The integration between the well planned city of Hampi with its natural setting and architectural grandeur speaks about the artistic skills possessed by the then architects. Moreover, Hampi is the only remnant of Vijayanagar Kingdom which provides huge information about the completely destroyed Hindu dynasty in India.

Category : Archaeological site, South (East) Asian Religious structure, Hindu.

Hampi, at a glance

Located in Bellary district of Karnataka, Hampi is a significant historical site in India which conveys message about the well planned ancient cities and talks about one of the greatest Hindu kingdoms of Indian history. The closeness of Hampi to the river Tungabhadra adds to the magnificence of its natural setting. The property mainly covers an area of around 26 sq. km guarded by seven lines of fortifications.

Despite being ruined by the passing time, the destination encompasses more than 1500 remains of artistic works including forts, royal and sacred complexes, riverside features, shrines, temples, pillared halls, Mandapas, memorial structures, defense check posts, gateways, stables, water structures, etc. This old fortified city has number of temples which are rich in magnificent architectural design.

Vitthala temple is the most intricately designed temple which is a culmination of Vijayanagara Temple Architecture. Other notable temples in Hampi are the Ganesa, Narasimha, Pattabhirama temple, Hazara Ramachandra and Chandrasekhara temple. There are significant temple complexes like Hemakuta group of temples, Krishna temple complex, Achyutaraya temple complex, Lotus Mahal complex and some more.

These gigantic Dravidian temples are surrounded by sub-urban townships. The temple complex also includes residential areas, markets, small shrines, tanks and shops meeting the needs of daily requirement.

How to Get There

Hospet is the gateway to Hampi. However, the city is connected with different corners of the country by all modes of transport.



For international tourists, Bengaluru International Airport (BLR) is the nearest airport to Hampi. However, Bellary (BEP) is the nearest domestic airport to Hampi (50 km).



The nearest railway station is Hospet which is around 13 km from Hampi. Hospet is well connected with the major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa etc.



Hampi is also connected with major cities by road. State bus services connect all major towns of the nearest states to Hampi. From normal to luxurious, varieties of buses are available for comfortable journey.

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