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Wayanad Travel Guide

Wayanad is an exotic land, simply untouched, pristine and far away from the tussles of the hectic life. This hill station of Kerala radiants with sparkling green emerald sprawled all over the Western Ghats. And lingers amongst the must visit places in Kerala. This picturesque destination is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.

An Insight into Wayanad Tourism

Wayanad is a hidden paradise with many treasures trove in its fold. The beautiful destination in Kerala is utterly serene, natural and incomparably distant from the scraps of the city life. The hidden place is as pretty as a picture-perfect frame. The hill station appears to look like a sparkling green emerald sprawled all over the Western Ghats. Here, tourists can explore more vibrant shades of greens rather than dusts. The land is a holistic confluence of wilderness, history, and culture.

Wayanad is located on the southern tip of the magnificent Deccan plateau and it is charming as well as enchanting. Serene Spirits of Wayanad is a unique blend of immoral caves, paddy fields, feathery bamboos and towering ginger field.

The etymology of the word Wayanad is Vayal (paddy) and Naad (land) which means 'Land of Paddy field. Wayanad is one of the few districts in Kerala that has been able to retain its pristine nature. If you come here for a vacation, witness the charming mountains, tea plantation, lush green forests and the rich cultural traditions of Wayanad. There are many hidden attractions in Wayanad which are home to some of the oldest tribes, as yet untouched by civilization.

The breathtaking nature of Wayanad can make anyone touched by its beauty. Nature has blessed Wayanad with everything picture perfect. Visit Wayanad and explore the inner beauty of Kerala like never before.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad is a divine sanction and this place has best sightings to keep you occupied. From Banasura Sagar Dam, Kanthanpara Waterfalls, Chembra Peak, Phantom Rock, Neelimala Viewpoint to Wayanad Heritage Museum. The best places to travel and popular things to do in Wayanad will certainly make your trip one of the best travel destinations to explore in India.

Best Hotels for Holidaying in Wayanad

Wayanad is visited by the tourists from all over the blue planet throughout the year. Hence, the Hotels in Wayanad are a perfect example of friendly hospitality offered to you. Presented in the contemporary and lavish style, the tourist can enjoy their stay in best-dedicated resorts and hotels in Wayanad.

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