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India, the world’s 7th biggest country by area, and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, has lots to offer to the travellers around the world. Explore the diversity of incredible India with our India tour packages that let you explore the magnificence of nature; thrill of adventure; rich heritage; soul-soothing spirituality and vibrant culture. Come and explore the best of India with our Indian holiday packages.

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Wildlife in India

Indian wildlife offers an enthralling experience to wildlife enthusiasts through its diversity. We try to bring the best of it in our wildlife tour packages that has something for every wildlife lover. Be it tiger tours or snow leopard tours, rhino tours or bird watching tours, our promise is a thrilling experience in India. Get ready with your camera to capture some of the best wildlife shots with us!


India Wildlife Tours

Q. Which months are the best for wildlife viewing in India?

Wildlife tourism season starts from October & lasts till May. However, the chances for spotting tigers are high during the summer season.

Q. Which National Parks in India are the best for tiger spotting?

The best National parks in India for tiger spotting are Ranthambore, Corbett, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Tadoba and Pench National Park.

Q. Is there a high chance of spotting tigers in India?

The chances of spotting tigers in Indian National Parks are particularly high during the summer season, as they visit the waterholes, like the other animals.

Q. What are some of the animals that can be spotted during an Indian Wildlife Tour?

Except Tigers, animals like Asiatic lions, Indian Rhino, Asiatic elephants, Snow Leopard & birds like golden eagle, Himalayan Monal & Great Indian Hornbill can be spotted.

Q. What is included in the Wildlife Tours organised by TMI?

Our Wildlife Tours include everything from safari booking to accommodation to delicious meals & pick/drop services to ensure that your tour is a comfortable one.

Q.What are the things that one should carry during an Indian Wildlife Tour?

During summers, you should carry sunhat, sunglasses & light clothing, during winters, woollen clothes & waterproof rain gear, since it could rain anytime. Camera, spare batteries, a pair of binoculars & birding guide book should be carried as well.


Heritage Tours in India

India has a rich history and architectural marvels like Taj Mahal, forts & palaces of Rajasthan, Mahabalipuram in the south and Ajanta & Ellora in the west are some of the best known examples of its rich heritage. To witness and experience rich heritage of India, you can choose from our heritage tour packages. Get a closer look at the intricate and skilled carvings, appreciate the beauty of the architectural masterpieces; and walk through unforgettable monuments that have tales and legends to offer with our unmatched heritage holiday in India.


Heritage Tour Packages

Q. Where are the important heritage sites found in India?

They are found in North India states like Rajasthan, UP & Gujarat, South India states like Kerala & Tamil Nadu, West India states like Goa & Northeast & East Indian states like Bihar & Sikkim.

Q. Are knowledgeable guides provided by TOUR MY INDIA during heritage tours?

Yes, TOUR MY INDIA provides knowledgeable guides during heritage tours who are thoroughly familiar with the history & and other interesting & relevant facts associated with the site.

Q. Can all the important heritage sites of India be visited in a single tour?

It’s not possible to visit all the Heritage Sites of India in a single tour, what you can do is visit a lot of Heritage Sites if you have planned a vacation in India for more than 30 days or so.

Q. What are the natural UNESCO world heritage sites in India?

Some of the famous ones are Kaziranga National Park in Assam, Sunderbans in West Bengal, Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand & Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh.


Hill Station Tours in India

Want to experience nature at its best in India? A hill station holiday is a great idea. Enjoy a vacation amidst scenic hilly places adorned with colonial-era buildings, surrounded by forest, mountain views, fresh and chilly air. In winter you can enjoy snowfall and activities like skiing.

With our hill station tour packages get the best holiday experience in best Indian hill stations like Kashmir, Nainital, Manali, Mussoorie, Shimla, Ooty , Munnar, Darjeeling, Gangtok etc.


Hill Station Tour Packages

Q. When you should plan a trip to the hill stations of India?

Most of the tourists plan a trip to the hill stations of India during the summers, while others do so during the winters to experience the special charm of it.

Q. In which hill stations in India can I enjoy the snowfall?

Auli, Manali, Gulmarg, Srinagar, Sonamarg, Yumthang, Pahalgam, Chopta, Kufri & Khajjiar are some of the hill stations in India where you can enjoy the snowfall.

Q. Which hill stations in India are the best for planning a honeymoon tour?

Some of the hill stations in India which are best for planning a honeymoon tour are Darjeeling, Shillong, Mussoorie, Munnar, Chamba, Gangtok, Srinagar & Kodaikanal.

Q. Are sightseeing tours included in the hill station tours offered by TOUR MY INDIA?

Yes, TOUR MY INDIA offers sightseeing tours in its hill stations tours. Whenever you visit a hill station, you enjoy sightseeing at the most famous attractions of that particular hill station.


Beach Tours in India

The picture perfect beaches in India promise a vacation hard to forget and with our best beach tour packages, it gets even better. Explore the Indian coastline and indulge in adventure activities that give a huge adrenaline rush.

Our beach tour packages is the key to a relaxing and romantic vacation by the sea, an adventure filled venture, and a holiday full of memories with family. Best places for beach holidays in India are Goa, Andamans, Kerala, Odisha, and Lakshadweep.


Beach Tour Packages

Q. Which places in India are famous for their beaches?

The best beach destinations in India are Goa, Andaman Islands, Kerala, and Pondicherry.

Q. . Do the beach tour packages offered by TOUR MY INDIA include hotels with private beaches?

Yes, we offer beach tour packages which include hotels with private beaches, even though they are costlier. In most of the hotels though, you can walk down the beach.

Q. When you should plan a beach holiday in India?

October to March is often considered the best time for a beach holiday in India.

Q. Are beach activities included in the beach tour packages offered by TOUR MY INDIA?

Yes, TOUR MY INDIA offers various beach activities in its beach holiday packages.


Honeymoon Tours in India

A tour that will remain etched in your memories for rest of your life is your honeymoon. Make most of your first ever holiday together in India with our honeymoon tour packages. With the best hotels and choice of activities, we ensure you’ll enjoy every bit of your priceless romantic vacation. Favourite places for honeymoon tours in India are Kashmir, Goa, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Lakshadweep and Andamans.


For Honeymoon Tour Packages

Q. Which places in India are famous for honeymoon tours?

The best destinations in India for planning honeymoon tours are Kerala, Goa, Uttarakhand, Andaman Islands, and Kashmir.

Q. Does TOUR MY INDIA provide international honeymoon packages?

Yes, we have a wide range of international honeymoon packages to best romantic destinations like Bali, Thailand, Maldives, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka.

Q. What do honeymoon packages by TOUR MY INDIA have to offer?

Right from arranging the best romantic hotel to organizing a private tour to candlelight dinners,we ensure your first holiday together stays special.

Q. How many days in advance should I book my honeymoon package to get the best hotels?

It is recommended to book 15-30 days in advance to get the best hotels for your honeymoon.


Ayurveda Tours in India

From ancient time India is a pioneer in Ayurveda therapy and treatments. The age-old science of Ayurveda promises an unmissable opportunity of wellness experience in the country. With our Ayurveda tours in India, get a complete rejuvenation for your body, mind, and soul.

Enjoy Ayurvedic massages and treatments in some of the best Ayurveda resorts and centres in India, while relishing the beauty of incredible vistas as well as the finest of Indian hospitality.


Ayurveda Tour Packages

Q. . Which places offer the best Ayurvedic treatment in India?

The famous places in India for Ayurvedic treatment are located in North India like Rishikesh & Haridwar (Uttarakhand), South India like Kovalam (Kerala) & West India like Goa.

Q. Is consultation necessary before receiving any Ayurveda treatment?

Consultation is necessary before selecting any kind of Ayurveda treatment to determine the ailments in your body & find out the appropriate Ayurvedic treatments.

Q. Do the Ayurveda packages offered by TOUR MY INDIA focus only on treatments?

Some of our Ayurveda packages are treatment specific, while others are meant to provide complete rejuvenation of the body & mind through baths, scrubs & yoga sessions.

Q. Are interpretation services included in the Ayurvedic Tour Packages offered by TOUR MY INDIA?

Yes, our Ayurvedic Tour Packages come with interpretation services, which are provided by experts, knowledgeable guides & Ayurveda Gurus.


Cultural Tours in India

The rich culture of India with its colourful festivals, remarkable traditions, amazing arts & crafts, scrumptious food, and brilliant dance & music, lets travellers from across the world witness its sheer vibrance.

With multiple religions and customs, India boasts cultural diversity. In our all-inclusive India cultural tour packages, travellers can experience unique celebrations, intriguing rituals and impeccable hospitality, making your cultural holidays in India worth remembering.


Cultural Tour Packages

Q. What do Cultural Tour Packages offer to the clients?

With our Cultural Tour Packages, you can visit the famous temples, monuments & other structures, explore the markets, interact with the locals & get an idea of their culture.

Q. When should I plan my trip to India to participate in its famous festivals?

Each part of India celebrates their festivals in a particular time of the year, and you should plan your trip according to the dates on which the festivals are celebrated.

Q. Which places in India are famous as culturally rich destinations?

Some of the best places for enjoying cultural holidays in India are Amritsar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Madurai, Jaipur, Mahabalipuram, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jaisalmer & Mysore.

Q. Can TOUR MY INDIA organise a lunch/dinner with an Indian family, if the client so desires?

Yes, you can have the unique and special experience of enjoying a lunch/dinner with a local Indian family.


Adventure Tours India

The diverse Indian topography, characterized by the sky-kissing Himalayas, dark forests, rugged terrains, alpine lakes and meadows, and gigantic sea waves, offers an opportunity of spine-chilling adventure sports in India.

With our adventure tour packages, one can enjoy fun-filled activities ranging from trekking tours to river rafting; paragliding tours to windsurfing; mountain biking tours to peak climbing and so much more. The adventure tourism in India welcomes you to a world of thrill and excitement.


Adventure Tours in India

Q. What are the various kinds of adventure tours offered by Tour My India?

Tour My India offers a wide range of adventure tours in India including trekking, river rafting, skiing, mountain biking, motor biking, jeep safari, and peak climbing.

Q. When can adventure tours be best enjoyed in India?

India has an adventure activity for each season. So, the best time for each adventure activity can vary.

Q. What steps are taken by Tour My India to ensure the safety of the clients during an adventure holiday?

TOUR MY INDIA has an expert team both in office and on the field ensuring clients’ safety all throughout their adventure tour.

Q. Is physically fitness mandatory before booking adventure tour packages?

Yes, every adventure tour requires some level of physical fitness. Depending on the level of difficulty of the adventure of your choice, you have to maintain your fitness.


Luxury Tours India

Let luxury be your natural companion during your holidays as you plan a stay at the top luxury hotels in India. Get the best of relaxation, pampering & comfort while you explore India and its diversity and infinite beauty. Immerse yourself in luxurious experiences while travelling in luxury trains and cruises or enjoy luxury spa & meditation sessions.

Don’t just let it be any ordinary vacation, but make it an experience, one that will acquaint you with the real luxury. Our luxury tour packages deliver you the best of hospitality & leave you with memories of a lifetime.


Luxury Trains in India

Q. What are the top Luxury Trains in India for travellers wanting to experience a royal ride?

The top Luxury Trains for travellers wanting to experience a royal ride in India are Maharajas’ Express, The Deccan Odyssey, The Golden Chariot & Palace on Wheels.

Q. What is the process for booking Maharaja Express Luxury Train Tour packages?

Visit our website, click on the particular Maharajas Express tour package/journey you want & fill in all the required details. Our tour executive will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. What are the major popular tourist destinations covered by luxury trains in India?

Some of the popular tourist destinations covered by luxury trains in India are Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Hampi, Ranthambore, Jodhpur Bikaner, Agra, Mahabalipuram, Trivandrum, Varanasi & Khajuraho.

Q. Can couples book a honeymoon suite in India's luxury trains?

Although there is no exclusive honeymoon suite in India’s luxury trains, couples can book a presidential suite in Maharajas Express & other luxury trains to enjoy complete privacy with their partner.


Special Interest Tours India

India is more, much more than just its forts, palaces or hill stations, and while exploring these is exciting enough, there are many more experiences, unique & intriguing, waiting in store for you with our special interest tours in India.

But what are these special interest tours? These are experiences which you will not normally find in most tour itineraries. You could take a village tour, go on a tea tasting adventure, explore wineries during a wine tour, interact with the various tribal communities or spot various species of butterflies with a butterfly tour.


Special Interest Tour Packages

Q. What are the packages offered in Special Interest Tours by TOUR MY INDIA?

Photography Tour, Angling & Fishing Tour, Butterfly Tour, Flower Tour, Spice Tour, Tea Tasting Tour & Tribal tour, Village Tour various Special Interest Tour Packages that TOUR MY INDIA offers.

Q. . Is a tailor made special interest tour offered by TOUR MY INDIA?

Yes, you can ask for a tailor made Special Interest Tour, as we provide customized Special Interest Tour Packages according to your requirements.

Q. Is a special interest tour for solo travellers offered by TOUR MY INDIA?

Yes, TOUR MY INDIA offers a Special Interest Tour for solo travelers based on their special needs and requirements.

Q. What is the procedure for booking a special interest tour with TOUR MY INDIA?

Click on the tour package, fill up the enquiry form & submit your details. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours with all the information regarding your tour package booking.

India Tour Packages by Zone

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FAQs For India Tour Packages

Q. What are the best packages for first time travellers to India?

There are a number of tour packages to choose from for the first-time travellers to India. Some of the best packages are Golden triangle Tour, Classical India tour, Royal Rajasthan tour southern splendour etc pls visit our Tour packages section for more details.

Q. How can I book my package tour with Tour My India Pvt Ltd?

Booking with Tour My India Pvt Ltd is quite simple. Just fill in the inquiry form that pops up on our website. Our executive will get back to you with all the assistance you require.

Q. What kind of packages Tour My India offers, private tours or group tours?

TMI Offer both type of Tours Private as well as group tour.

Q. Does Tour My India offer flight and train reservation in its tour packages?

Yes, flight and train reservations are included in tour packages for both international and domestic tourists as per their requirement.

Q.Does TMI only offer tour packages based in India?

No, Tour My India also offers tour packages for international travel destinations along with India holiday packages.

Q. Can the tour packages be customized?

Yes, TMI offers the option of customization of tour packages to its customers.

Q. When the best time to visit India for the holidays?

A trip to India for holidays can be planned at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit India depends on what you want to witness and experience as every season has something to offer to the tourists.

Q. Do you offer English speaking or overseas language guides in your tour packages?

Yes, all our tour guides are skilled in English as well as overseas languages including German, Spanish, French, Russian and more.

Q. How do I make payment for a tour booking?

You can make the payment for a tour booking either via Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit Cards.

Why Choose TMI

  • Experienced

    An experienced tour operator, with an excellent & experienced team of travel experts, we ensure that our clients receive well-designed holiday packages in India.

  • Certified

    We are certified by major tour and travel associations in India and world like IATA, IATO, TAAI, IMF, MOT (Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India), and TOFT

  • Happy Customers

    TMI has received numerous accolades from its happy customers for its excellent services and best package tours in India.

  • Local Offices

    We have local office in Agra, Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Varanasi, Goa, Maharashtra, North East & South India for our customers to find assistance anytime and anywhere.


About India Tour Packages

In India, no two vacations are the same, and neither are any two tour packages. Each holiday in India is different owing to the diverse culture & history and landscape. So, the country gives both, international travellers and domestic ones the chance to spend their holiday enjoying the beauty of dreamy beaches, surreal hill stations, wildlife rich forests, expansive desert on one side, and impressive palaces, majestic forts, gigantic temples and cenotaphs on the other side.

The country in fact boasts a holistic experience, so it is not only the history, culture, and landscape that your vacation in India is confined to, there’s unforgettable spiritual journeys and adrenaline filled adventure tours awaiting here. At Tour My India, we’re quite the experts at crafting holiday packages and adding all the above-mentioned experiences into them.

If there is an experience worth having in India, we have got it all for you. So that, your family tours in the hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla or beach destination of Goa are hassle-free. Even your honeymoon stays romantic as it should be. The history lovers can rest assured of their heritage tours to the iconic Taj Mahal, Ajanta & Ellora, the Group of Temples in Khajuraho or the trip to architecturally marvellous Rajasthan to be insightful. The pilgrimage tours for people of all faith are also guaranteed to stay flawless. Our years of experience also ensures your corporate tours in India are as rewarding and done in perfection as your annual performances.

Since India is a land of adventure, we make sure, every adrenaline rushing activity like trekking in the Himalayas, river rafting, skiing, mountain biking etc. in the country is made available through our carefully designed adventure tour packages. The wildlife lovers in India can be assured of getting their share of adventure and thrill with sighting some rare and exotic species of animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger and the one-horned rhinoceros at some of the best wildlife destinations in the country like Ranthambore, Corbett, and Kaziranga national parks.

We have all the amazing India tour packages prepared and waiting for you. Choose from our wide range of holiday packages in India and unlock for yourself an unforgettable and unmatched travel experience.

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