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How Planning a Honeymoon can Create a Better Bond Between a Couple?

How Planning a Honeymoon can Create a Better Bond Between a Couple?
Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Honeymoon can be intrinsically stimulating and romantic in ways that your wedding day fails to be. Indeed, a week or more on the roads as a couple can certainly be a great litmus test for your relationship. However, we cannot ignore the fact that planning for honeymoon together before the wedding is inarguably the prime factor that determines how compatible you and your spouse are or can be. Planning a honeymoon together is, in fact, similar to the index of a book, which indicates what all lies ahead of you to explore. It can simultaneously be an exhilarating and overwhelming experience, and this is probably what makes it an integral part of a married life. While this remains an abridgement, a detailed discussion below will clear the air of the necessity of planning your first romantic getaway together.

Should Couple Plan their Honeymoon Together Before their Wedding?

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The crisp and clear answer to this question is yes, a couple should plan their honeymoon together before the wedding because like we discussed above it has a direct connection with the type of the relationship a couple will carry out in the future. Traditionally, it is the groom that plans the honeymoon, and the destination has to be a surprise for the bride. While this gesture seems utterly surreal for a bride who might feel overwhelmed with the surprise, crafting it together has, even more, romance encapsulated.

Planning honeymoon together comes with layers of benefits and the first is the opportunity to understand each other. While the couple takes on a mission to decide a place for their dream honeymoon, each has the chance to learn about the other’s travel preferences, which by the way says a lot about an individual. Besides, if one person handles the planning, chances are that the trip would be more tailored to his/her desires.

The second layer of benefit that envelops honeymoon planning together is the delivery of that much-needed break from the nitty-gritty of the wedding planning. It is a time dedicated to solely two of you to share your dreams and desires to make this very first getaway really special. Apparently, it is an unsaid truth that crafting the honeymoon together is also an opportunity to explore each other’s sexuality, which undoubtedly remains the essence of this vacation and that of the relationship.

How Planning the Honeymoon Together Before their Wedding can Help Couples Build their Relationship Stronger?

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While you plan the honeymoon as a couple, remember, if you could make it through the thick and thin of the year leading up to your wedding, the half of the battle has already been won and designing your dream honeymoon together will only contribute in making your relationship invincible. It is true that honeymoon planning together present you with the chance to learn about each other, but it should be seen as a bigger opportunity to realize how you can work things out when sometimes your opinions do not match. Indeed, when you work on the planning, you get to also be in awe of how much the two of you share in common and this brings you a bit more close.

Also, planning honeymoon together can be construed as a way to set special time aside where only the two of you exchange ideas, interests, and feelings, and thus, more intimacy is enjoyed, which again is an integral part of your relationship. With each step of successful planning, a couple is likely to inculcate a mutual feeling of appreciation for each others’ honest efforts; inducing a better bond. Also, while planning when each partner thinks about the choice of the other, things not only get smoother but the compromising skill lets more sparks fly.

What Can be the Drawbacks for Couples of Planning the Honeymoon Together Before their Wedding?

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There remain zero to few drawbacks of planning the honeymoon together before the wedding and that too in the extreme case where disagreement on travel preference or any other peculiar habit can trigger an argument amongst the couple. Although on an extreme level the two of you/one of you might create an indelible perspective of the other partner to be stubborn or incompatible, and that can worsen the situation. However, if a couple is willing to focus on ‘fixable,’ there is a lot of scope to not only mend things but eliminate petty issues once for an all.

What Points Should they Discuss in Details while Planning for their Honeymoon?

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The honeymoon planning jitters that you chose to deal with together can be streamlined only when few points are discussed clearly and honest opinions are exchanged between the couple. Some important points that should be included while planning a honeymoon are:

Interests and Dreams: It is true that everyone who is likely to get married has a perfect honeymoon painted in his/her mind. Since you have chosen to plan it together, hold a detailed discussion on what does his/her dream honeymoon look like. Also, be specific to your idea of honeymoon and what exactly you and your partner are looking for in a destination.

Budget: Unless you are a millionaire, the budget would always be the top concern while planning a honeymoon. Discuss with your partner about his/her budget limitation and share yours as well.

Seeking Professional Help: While travel agents ensure to make your honeymoon planning hassle-free, choosing to seek their assistance is yours and your partner’s discretion. Discuss with your partner the pros and cons of booking with a travel company and if the two of you agree, go ahead and unload all your burden on the experts.

Delegating Responsibilities: Since the two of you are in this together, share the idea of delegating roles in planning the honeymoon. Talk with your partner about what he/she can do the best i.e online research, communicating with travel agents, making an itinerary etc. and then divide the responsibilities accordingly.

Five Tips for Planning an Incredible Experience of their Lifetime

Plan Honeymoon Surprises

Photo: Plan Honeymoon Surprises

Start Planning as soon as Possible: The ideal honeymoon planning should begin 6 months prior. This way, you get ample time to collect information and have a detailed discussion with your partner. Not only this, early planning and finalizing of the destination are also the key to getting cheaper flight tickets, hotels and sometimes the best travel packages as well. What’s better than having the time of your life that too on a low budget? Nothing at all.

Maintain a Balance: There is no fun in exhausting yourself with plenty of activities which you chose in an endeavour to make most of your honeymoon. Instead, sort out a balanced itinerary where the two of you can enjoy both heart racing activities and leisurely times together. Make time for some romance and let it be a very private affair.

Schedule Surprises: So what if you planned the honeymoon together, you must sneak a surprise or two for your partner to keep things exciting. Be it a fancy dinner or a rejuvenating spa, you must schedule something that would take your partner by surprise.

Choose an Appropriate Accommodation: Carefully choose your accommodation because it matters. Your entire honeymoon experience banks on the hotel/resort you choose, an exquisite accommodation with excellent services can set the mood of your first holiday together just right.

Always Choose Privacy Over Popularity: It is better to ditch a destination that remains overly crowded just because it has that perfect castle or that famous street for lovers. Pick a destination that doesn’t let you compromise your privacy. There should always be a place where the two of you can take pictures without being photobombed or even steal a quick kiss.

As a destination wedding planner in India, we are swarmed by a number of couples who along with seeking our services consult us for planning their honeymoon. Evidently, couples are as excited for honeymoon planning as they are for their weddings’ preparations and they are often seen arranging their flight tickets, making itinerary and approaching travel agents several months prior to the scheduled honeymoon. This is why, we at Tour My India consider each couple and their dream wedding and honeymoon ideas exceptional, and we go out of our way in order to give them the right shape ensuring each one remains special.

Published: 24 Feb, 2018
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