Kaudiyala Rishikesh River Rafting Tour

Kaudiyala to Rishikesh River Rafting

Category of rapid- Grade I, II, III and IVrafting-from-kaudiyala1

Total rafting distance – 36 km

Time to complete the distance – 6-7 hours

Rishikesh not only welcomes you with rafting opportunities, it also offers avenues for all-out adrenaline pumping action. After your arrival in the city, you are advised to get in touch with experts and instructors to chalk out a proper plan, keeping in mind the rapid grade level that matches your physical stamina and ability. The city and nearby areas have numerous “propulsion” points and one of the most popular ones among these is Kaudiyala. Kaudiyala is sought after by thrill seekers from all across the globe.

How to embark on your adventure
The stretch of the Ganges from Kaudiyala till Rishikesh, is replete with some of the world’s most fun-filled river rapids. This starting point is also the furthest one from Rishikesh. Therefore, expert advice is necessary if you’re willing to take the plunge from Kaudiyala.

What to expect while on your trip?rafting-from-kaudiyala1
The 13 river rapids that fall between Kaudiyala and Rishikesh have been categorized into different grades, in absolute compliance with the international values. Rapids at this particular site, i.e. Kaudiyala are Grade III and Grade IV ones. These are earmarked as ‘difficult’ owing to the serious obstacles its course entails. Irregular rocks, waves and other paraphernalia may await you while you battle the gushing waves of the Holy Ganges. Also expect small challenges to creep up at unusual corners. An excellent exemplification of the aforementioned is ‘The Wall’. The Wall is a rapid where 90 percent of the raft boats are likely to flip over.

Requisite levels of fitness and other know-how
In order for you to be able to enjoy this stretch along Grade III and Grade IV rapids, you must be within the 20-35 year old age bracket. The Kaudiyala stretch also states prior experience of up to 3-4 times as a pre-requisite. In addition to that, the boat operator must be a qualified swimmer, also adept at river rafting techniques. A decent level of physical fitness is a must.

Tour –Itinerary:

Day 01:
Welcome to the sacred city of Rishikesh around 10 am in the morning. Check into the camps and get ready for a trek to the pristine waterfall. After spending a memorable time near the waterfall, transfer to the camp. In the evening, spend some relaxing time by exploring the area or indulging in the exciting camp activities and games like cricket, badminton and volleyball. In the evening, enjoy a hot cup of tea with delicious snacks and bonfire. Dinner and relaxing overnight stay at the camp.

Day 02 :
In the morning, drive to Kaudiyala after the breakfast. We will start river rafting (18 kms) with a few small rapids. Experience enthralling rafting in the Three Blind Mice, The Wall, Crossfire and Body Surfing Rapid till Shivpuri approx. After the end of an exciting rafting session, arrive at the camp and enjoy the lunch. Post lunch; indulge in the exciting camp activities and games like cricket, badminton and volleyball. Enjoy a wonderful opportunity to dine near the campfire. Overnight stay at the camp.

Day 03:
In the morning after the refreshing morning tea and breakfast, leave the camp and drive or walk to Shivpuri. Start a river rafting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16 kms). Navigate through the wild rapids like the Initiation, Roller Coaster, Return to the Sender, Double Trouble, Golf Course and Club House. Besides river rafting, you also can also carry out body surfing and cliff jumping. Float past the beautiful temples, ashrams and Ghats nestled across the pious river Ganga. Arrive in the Rishikesh for your onward journey.

Tour and Services End.

Meals : 2 Lunch, 2 Snacks, 2 Dinner and 2 Breakfast