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Tiger Holiday Packages

Welcome to India – The Tiger's Own Country. As per the statistics, the Indian subcontinent is an abode to the maximum number of Royal Bengal Tigers across the globe. There is a national park, wildlife sanctuary or tiger reserve, in almost every corner of India. For instance, in the north we have the Corbett Tiger Reserve; in the South, Periyar Tiger Reserve; in the center, Kanha Tiger Reserve; in the west, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and in the east, Sunderban Tiger Reserve; all corners covered! Thus, those who wish to witness the beasts of the wood; who have the stomach to face the roar of the predator; who desire of sighting the glory of the royal cats, must visit India. If you also dream to bask in the land of tiger roars, allow us to make your dream come true.

At Tour My India, we have crafted special tiger tour packages that tender you much more than just a glimpse of the big cats. Light on pocket, big on satisfaction, our tour packages provide you a worth availing deal. We understand that visiting just one tiger reserve will not satiate your longing; thus, we provide a combination of different tiger resaves under our packages. Not just this, we also take you to the nearby attractions, so that along with the tiger's roar, you also enjoy an elongated tiger tale. You can also ask us for customized tiger tours, as for us your interest comes first. So what are you waiting for, we are just a click away; all you need to do is select a package and we will take care of the rest.