Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra

Trek LocationArea: Kumaon Himalaya

Trek DurationDuration: 12 Days

Trek SeasonBest Season: April - Dec

Trek GradeGrade:

On these treks one can be required to trek continuously for more than a week through remote areas and at times trekking for more than 7 hrs a day. On most of these treks one has to cross passes or areas which are snow covered and involve camping at altitude of more than 4000m. Fit people with some kind of hiking experience & a spirit of adventure can contemplate going on these trails.

AltitudeAltitude: 3987 mts/13080 ft

Trekking DistanceTotal Trekking: 76 KM

About Adi Kailash Trek

According to the legends, there are only eight mountains in India, which has an impression of OM symbol. Out of these eight, only one has been discovered, which is known as Om Parvat or Adi Kailash. This magical mountain, Adi Kailash, is standing tall at an elevation of 6191 m in the Dharchula district. It is quite known for its strong religious and adventure connect, also, it is believed that the mountain has a miraculous nature. One thing, which makes this mountain look apart from other Himalayan ranges is its OM shape, which is formed by the by deposition of snow on the black mountain. Also, the mountains bear a resemblance to the pious, Mount Kailash. Perhaps, this is the reason it is called Adi Kailash. To reach the base of the Om Parvat, trekkers need to walk the entire distance on foot, which will take approximately 12 days to complete. The pious Om Parvat is pristine or relatively undisturbed by human activity; however, many attempts by mountaineers were made to reach its summit. The trek is usually undertaken during the monsoon season, June to October, from the picturesque Dharchula.

Adi Kailash Trek

Begin your spiritual journey escaping the chaos of life to the Chota Kailash of India, and resonate in the peaceful vibes of Uttarakhand. Snuggled up in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, Adi Kailash is one of the Hindu sacred sites which is the oldest resting place of the divine Lord Shiva. Another fact that adds more religious importance to the place is that Ravana, the great king of Lanka who was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva visited Adi Kailash. Set at an elevation of 6191 mts, it is an essential part of the Kailash trilogy nestled in the Himalayas which are Kailash Mansarovar, Adi Kailash and Kinnaur Kailash. As per Hindu mythology, these places are the abodes of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganapati and Kartik Swami. Adi Kailash is set up close to Brahma Parvat and Sin La whereas the spiritually blessed Om Parvat near Nabidang. Talking about Om Parvat, it is till date the only one out of the 8 ‘OM’ emergence discovered in the Himalayas. Where a little detour from Adi Kailash can be just perfect to sight the prepossessing Om Parvat which is carved on the Indo-Nepal border, where the silhouette of ‘OM’ is facing India and the back in Nepal.

In this Adi Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra, you can experience the scenic beauty of Bhimtal which you can traverse while visiting Pithoragarh. On your way you may come across the Kumaon hamlets like Lakhanpur, Lamari which will be just perfect to acquaint you with the culture and traditions of the region. The main expedition to the serene environ finally lands you in the ideal spot of Nabidang from where you can sightsee the heartwarming mountain range of Om Parvat.At Tour My India, you can select one of our finest Adi Kailash and Om Parvat adventure package which comes with all the services like guided trekking tours and porter intact. In the adventure packages, not just our facilities but our itineraries are also curated with such care that you would be pleased to have a vacation in Spiritual Uttarakhand.Our itineraries also take care of your basic requirements and needs while touring with us which includes finest accommodation and quality meals. Through our 11D/12N trekking expedition you will get a chance to witness the beauty of the pristine pilgrimage site of Adi Kailash, Om Parvat, Parvati Lake, Shiva temple, Gaurikund along with the scenic vistas of various villages like Nabidang, Daniya on the route.

Adi Kailash Trekking Tour Highlights

  • Rare Glimpses of Darma Valley
  • Scared Lake of Parvati Tal
  • Cross gorges, alpine meadows and ridges
  • The villages of remote Uttrakhand
  • Nights in Hotel/Guest House/Camps

Best Time to Visit Adi Kailash Trek

The weather best suits for Adi Kailash trek during June - September as the temperature is pleasing and monsoon yet remains to start blocking the route with landslides.

Weather in Adi Kailash Trek

Summer: Summer months June is the best time to trek to Adi Kailash. The sun warms up the cool region of Adi Kailash and trekkers find it easy to cope with the environment.

Monsoon: During monsoon season, the route gets slippery and trekkers find it very difficult to make through the route.

Spring: September is the charming spring favors trekkers to make way to Adi Kailash. Pleasing sun and calm weather.

Where is the Adi Kailash Trek?

Because of a very close resemblance with Mount Kailash, Adi Kailash is also called the 'Chotta Kailash' or 'Little Kailash'. Adi Kailash stands at a great height of 6,191 metres and is located in India, close to the Indo-Tibetan border. The region around the peak is peaceful, soothing and incredibly beautiful. At the bottom of the mighty peak quietly exists a lake, known as Gaurikund, which beautifully mirrors the Adi Kailash, Parvati Sarovar (also known as Manasarovar) is another lake near the peak. It is much smaller than its namesake (Manasarovar Lake, Tibet). Near the shoreline stands a shrine of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. After the Chinese occupation of Tibet, Chotta Kailash has been looked up as the closest and most respected substitute of Mt. Kailash.

Through the Adi-Kailash Trek, one will witness the amazing snow-clad peaks of Annapurna, dense forest, several waterfalls, surging Kali River, lovely diversity of wild flowers and fruits at Narayan Ashram, and much more. Mount Adi Kailash and Parvati Sarovar are ancient holy places for Hindus in the Kumaon Himalayas.

How to Reach Adi Kailash Trek

By Air: Nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, around 205 km from Bageshwar.

By Rail: Kathgodam railway station, 171 km from Bageshwar, is the nearest railway station.

By Road: Bamsera is 25.8Km from Bageshwar and accessed through Almora-Bageshwar-Munsiyari road. From Bamsera, tourists reach Saung or Song village, which is the starting point for the trek.

Adi Kailash Trek(Detailed Itinerary)

Day 01 : Delhi - Kathgodam (By train/Volvo) - Pithoragarh(by Tempo/175 kms/6000 ft)

Your journey will begin from Delhi by train or Volvo bus at about 10:00 PM, you may reach the grounds of Kathgodam at around 5-6 AM. After arrival at Kathgodam you will be escorted by our representative from where we head to Pithoragarh via jeeps or tempo travellers.Enroute we stop nearby Bhimtal for breakfast, Daniya village for lunch followed by tea and dinner at Pithoragarh where your stay will also be arranged.

Day 02 : Pithoragarh - Dharchula(Tempo/Jeep 100 kms/3500 ft)

On the next day of the trip we will head to Dharchula which is around 100 kms away from Pithoragarh and will take 4-5 hours to reach. On the way to Dharchula, we will stop by to have breakfast and later resume our journey to Dharchula. On arrival, a comfortable stay will be organised for you in a hotel along with lunch, tea and dinner at Dharchula.

Day 03 : Dharchula - Lakhanpur - Lamari(50 Kms by Jeep & 9 kms trek 6800 ft)

Early departure in jeeps to Lakhanpur/Pangla will be followed with a filling breakfast for a good start to the morning. On arrival at Lakhanpur, we will trek 9 kms to Lamari/Malpa and have a nourishing lunch along with evening tea and dinner at Lamari.

Day 04 : Lamari - Budhi - Nabi(9 kms trek & 18 kms Gypsy 9500 ft)

The next day after heavy breakfast we will take 5 kms trek to Budhi and on arrival you can rest and have snacks. If you’re lucky, you may get a gypsy for your further expedition, otherwise continue for a 4 kilometre trek to Chialekh followed by Nabi which is another 14 kilometre trek.

Day 05 : Nabi - Nampa - Kutti (14 Kms by Gypsy & trek 6 kms 12500 ft)

After breakfast at Nabi, you will be driven to Nampa which is 14 km away and once you arrive at Nampa, you will be served with snacks. Later, after resting, you can continue with the trek to Kutti which is 5 to 6 kms away. Upon arrival, lunch, tea and dinner will be organized at Kutti followed by stayover at an old village guest house.

Day 06 : Kitti - Jyolingkong(14 kms by trek/Horse 14500 ft)

On day 6, after breakfast in Kutti, we will go to Jyolingkong, a 14 kms alpine trek and stop midway for snacks at Sumchuma. Later, we will continue with the trek to Jyolingking where lunch and dinner will be organized followed by a stayover at the tents.

Note : It is advisable for the elderly to ride on horse. You can also pay your regards and witness the beauty of Adi Kailash here.

Day 07 : Jyolingkong - Kutti(14 kms by trek or horse 12500 ft)

In the morning after breakfast, you will be taken to the temple located on the banks of Parvati Sarovar where you can perform parikrama of the lake. After which we can head to Gaurikund which is located around 4 km. Later, you can go to the campsite for lunch followed by a return to Kuti via Samchuma where snacks are provided. Dinner and homestay at Kutti.

Day 08 : Kutti - Nampa - Nabi(6 kmsand 14 kms by Gypsy, 9500 ft)

The next day from Kuti you can visit Nabi where lunch, evening tea and dinner will be served. In spare time you can also stroll to the nearby villages.

Note : If the Govt allows entry of vehicles beyond Kalapani, we can choose to stay overnight at Kalapani.

Day 09 : Nabi - Om Parvat By gypsy 22 kms, 9500 feet and back to Nabi

From Nabi you can visit Nabidang to sightsee Om Parvat and Kalapani Temple via gypsy which as its 22 kms away. On your way back from the pilgrimage tour you will be served breakfast and lunch at Kalapani along with afternoon tea and dinner at Nabi.

Day 10 : Nabi - Chialekh/Budiby Gypsy & 9 kms trek to LAMARI 6800 ft

Post breakfast we head straight to Budhi and later will have lunch, evening tea and delectable dinner at Lamari/Malpa.

Day 11 : Lamari - Lakhanpur - Dharchula(Trek 9 kms & Jeep 50 kms 3500 ft)

After munching healthy breakfast in Lamari we will head for a trek to Lakhanpur, light snacks will be provided there and then you will be taken from Lakhanpur to Dharchula via jeep. Dinner and overnight stay at Dharchula.

Day 12 : Dharchula - Kathgodam - Delhi (350 kms drive and train 290 kms)

An early morning breakfast in Ogla followed by lunch in Daniya and some good evening tea in Bhimtal. Giving the journey a delicious end, dinner is organised at Kathgodam from where we depart by train at night for Delhi. Arrival at Delhi by next morning by 05:00 am to 06:00am.

Tour & Services End.

Things to Carry for Adi Kailash Trek

Things to Carry while Trekking
  • Warm clothes: windproof jackets, fleece/full sleeve sweater, thermals, woolen cap and socks, mittens and scarf
  • Comfortable clothes: tee-shirts, trousers or tracks
  • Raincoat or poncho to avoid rains
  • Walking stick or trekking pole
  • Comfortable trekking or hiking shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen lotion, lip balms, skin ointment and basic medications (or prescribed if any)
  • Torchlight or flashlights with extra number of cells and bulbs
  • Personal toiletries and towels

Booking Terms and Conditions:

Please read the booking terms as set out with your agreement with Tour My India Pvt. Ltd. A Noida based Tour operator herein called TMI. For More Click Here...

When to book Adi Kailash Trek?

You should book Adi Kailash Trek four months in advance as we need to do lots of paper work for this trek.

Who will carry my backpack?

A pony/porter will carry your bag while trekking; you just need to wear a knapsack.

What will be the weight of the backpack?

Once you book your trek with us we will give you a list of things to carry and the total weight should not cross 12 Kgs.

Where to meet you us?

Our pick up and drop point for Adi Kailash Trek is Old Delhi train station. We will send you the train ticket and you can board train from there to Kathgodam. At Kathgodam our guide will pick you from train station and then from there your tour will start.

How we run the trek?

We always have a trek leader who leads the trek from the front.

What is the batch size?

Our group size is minimum 4 people and maximum 12 people with mix of men and women.

What is minimum age required for Adi Kailash Trek?

The Adi Kailash Trek is a tough trek with a maximum altitude of 13080ft (3987m) minimum age required is 15 years.

What will be the minimum temperature during Adi Kailash Trek?

In the month of June to September the temperature during the trek can go as low as 10 Degree Celsius during the night.

How long we trek during Adi Kailash Trek?

We plan our treks in such a way that after 6 hours of trekking we reach next camp around lunch time and normally trek a distance of 10 to 12 Kms.

What will happen if a trek is extended because of landslides or any other reasons?

If we have to extend the trek because of the reasons which beyond our control then an additional charge may apply which are of a hotel stay and food.

Can I take the Diamox?

Diamox is indeed very helpful, but it's advisable to consult the doctor first.

Is it safe for a female to go on a trek?

Safety is of prime importance for us that is why the tours are managed by us personally and not by a third party. Thus, we assure that the trek is absolutely safe even for solo female trekkers, who can join us for fixed departure treks.

What kind of shoes will be required?

Different shoes are suitable for various types of treks, depending on the weather, trail condition as well as duration of the trek. For warm and dry terrains, you can choose low-ankle hiking shoes. Trek boots are best for the rugged and cold condition. Trekking on the glaciers and extensive snow, on the other hand, will require trek boots with crampon-ready features. Any footwear brand that provides ankle support and comes with crampon-ready features are the best for trekking. Quechua Forlclaz 500 is good shoes with value for money.

What kind of food is served during the trek?

While trekking, we serve vegetarian food rich in protein, carbohydrates and highly nutritious. Sometimes, we surprise our trekkers with tasty treats like pakora, local food, etc.

Is it safe to drink water from the stream?

Yes, it's completely safe for drinking and even for cooking, but, to be on the safer side we always carry filters and chlorine tablets

Which vehicle do we use for transportations?

Vehicles like Mahindra Bolero, Tata Sumo, Scorpio, Max, and Tempo Traveller are suitable for a ride on damaged Himalayan roads.

Are your fixed departures dates are fixed?

Yes, our departure times remain fixed. We are always excited to go for the trek, even if it's with one trekker.

How do you deal with emergency situation?

Trekking on high Himalayan altitudes is always a rewarding experience. However, it is important that you should keep your safety in mind. Emergencies, like illness, AMS, storms, missteps, landslides and even avalanches, are rare but can happen anytime during the trekking, so be prepared for any random goof-ups. To deal with any emergencies your guides, who are an expert mountaineers will be there for your rescue. Your tour guide will always carry a first aid kit to deal with any medical emergencies. In the case of some rescue operation, extra charges will be borne by the trekkers.

How to book the trek

Register for the trek on the website and we shall send the details about the booking procedure.

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