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Best Time to Visit Nagaon

Nagaon, part of the North-Eastern state of Assam is beautiful place and has delightful winters and refreshing summers. The place like all the others in the North-East experience heavy rainfall during the monsoons and it’s best to avoid this place during this time.


Summer is a good time to visit Nagaon and enjoy wildlife safaris. The weather doesn’t get unbearably hot though it’s quite humid and the maximum temperature can reach up to 37 degree Celsius. However, when the weather is this hot, sudden rain showers bring the temperature down.


Nagaon receives abundant rainfall during these months and landslides and floods are not uncommon.


The best time to visit Nagaon is winter. The season is cold and chilly but enjoyable and ideal for holidays. It can get foggy during the morning and light showers are also not uncommon.

Best Time to Visit Nagaon, Assam

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